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Already seen as one of the market leaders in network video, Axis Communications has expanded its offering by entering the smart sound system market, releasing the Axis C1004-E Network Cabinet Speaker and the Axis C2005 Network Ceiling Speaker.

These Axis loudspeakers offer a complete audio solution with each unit containing an amplifier, mixer, digital signal processor, streaming functionality, edge storage and microphone. Both the cabinet and ceiling speaker are supplied preconfigured for quick and easy setup and can be powered using a single network cable (PoE). The speakers can provide background music across multiple locations seamlessly and allow the broadcast of announcements, either live or via scheduled pre-recordings, making them ideal for retail stores, amusement centres and public institutions such as museums. Even if these speakers are part of a multi-speaker setup, these flexible units can be controlled individually, allowing users to adjust volume levels and set different background music on each speaker separately.

Both the Axis C1004-E and Axis C2005 have a built-in amplifier which enables high sound pressure exceeding 96dB, delivering high-quality music playback and clear speech announcements. By controlling these two functions through one unit, users can create a consistent service across multiple locations.

When it comes to sourcing music, these intelligent network speakers provide users with many different options. They could choose to use the handy pre-installed Axis Audio player, create and schedule their own playlists from available audio streaming services or they can take advantage of the integrated SD card storage, creating their own locally stored playlists.

These versatile speakers can be integrated into any new or existing IP system without the need for any extra hardware and can be operated easily - even without prior experience in audio systems. By working in tandem with Axis network cameras and their built-in video analytics, audio triggers can be sent to alert the speakers to play pre-recorded messages or music, e.g. a safety message when engineers enter restricted areas of the rail network at a train station or specified music when visitors enter an exhibition in a museum. For increased security, more advanced audio triggers can be set by using Axis Camera Station, for example playing warning messages if the camera detects suspicious activity such as loitering near a perimeter fence.

Peace of mind is also provided by a handy Auto Speaker test function, which sends a test tone through the unit to be picked up by the built-in microphone, verifying that the speaker is operating properly –this can also prove valuable during the installation process.

If you want to know more about these speakers, Axis has created a useful video which can be viewed below.

These speakers are compatible with the Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP), meaning third-party developers can create add-ons that increase functionality, such as support for new music streaming solutions. The versatility doesn’t end there - the cabinet speaker is available in either black or white and is also water-resistant, making it suitable for use in outside locations.

Both the Axis C1004-E Network Cabinet Speaker and Axis C2005 Network Ceiling Speaker are now available at Network Webcams.

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