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Understanding the new Axis Camera Station licence structure

May 26th, 2016 by Paul Sandford

Axis Camera Station - Core and Universal licencesThe recent launch of Axis Camera Station 5 has also brought about a restructure to the licensing for this versatile Video Management Software (VMS).

At NW Systems, we’ve welcomed this latest version of Axis Camera Station (ACS 5) but we must admit the new licensing initially resulted in some perplexed expressions around the office. Axis has changed from simple channel licences to having two types of licence – core and universal. It’s a move that’s caused some confusion for end-users, particularly for those currently using the previous version of the software (ACS 4) and looking to upgrade.

The new approach to licensing may not be that intuitive but it’s certainly logical once understood – let’s take a closer look.


New Sony SNC-VB770 high sensitivity 4K network camera

April 28th, 2016 by Paul Sandford

Sony SNC-VB770
Sony have recently introduced the
SNC-VB770 – dubbed the industry’s highest sensitivity 4K network camera. That’s quite an accolade and the datasheet certainly details some impressive specifications – the most pertinent of which is a minimum illumination level of less than 0.004 lux.

If you’re thinking “that’s almost pitch-black light conditions”, you’d be right and that means capturing clear 4K images in colour – even in extremely low light conditions. To put these light levels into perspective, it’s the darkness that you’d encounter on a starry night with no other light source or indoors with such poor lighting that it’s even a challenge for the human eye to see the object.

The camera uses a highly-sensitive 35mm full-frame Exmor sensor and optimised E-mount lenses to maximise the performance of both the sensor and its signal processing engine.


Build your own surveillance system with the Axis F series

April 27th, 2016 by Paul Sandford

The Axis F series offers a very flexible way of creating a high performance IP CCTV system – complete with video management software and remote access – all without the need for a dedicated PC, server or Network Video Recorder (NVR).Axis F series hardware and Axis Camera Companion

An F series camera consists of separate HD sensor / lens units which connect to a main unit (the body of the camera) via a cable. Axis refer to this design as a ‘divided concept’ and a choice of 7 lenses offers users the flexibility to build a surveillance system to meet their exact needs.

Since the series was launched in 2014, we’ve seen the Axis F series used for a wide variety of indoor, outdoor and mobile surveillance applications. The ultra compact design and options for discreet installation make these cameras particularly popular with small office-based businesses, independent retailers and restaurants.

We’re going to show you how you can put together your own system in 3 easy steps.


Choosing an Axis T90B illuminator

April 14th, 2016 by Paul Sandford

The Axis T90B illuminators are a versatile series that include both infrared and white LED models for enhanced low-light surveillance. Selection of Axis illuminators

They share many features but there are different advantages to using either infrared or white light. We overview the features and highlight the options on offer to help you choose which model is the best fit for your surveillance needs.

Features overview

All units are housed in durable IP66 and NEMA 4x-rated casings, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and a range of mounting brackets is also available for easy installation (sold separately).


Mobotix IP camera overview videos

April 7th, 2016 by Bethanne Pugh

Mobotix product overview videosFollowing a great response to our first batch of IP camera overviews, we have now expanded our video playlist to include a range of Mobotix models.

Mobotix pioneered the decentralised approach to IP video, producing high-quality cameras with built-in software and storage. With years of experience supplying and installing Mobotix cameras, we’ve seen these versatile units being used in a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.

The Mobotix range of IP cameras includes some innovative designs and to make it easier for customers to find the right model to suit their needs, we’ve set out to include aspects of each camera that aren’t often covered in other product videos.


Mobotix v25 indoor dome IP camera coming soon

March 29th, 2016 by Paul Sandford

Mobotix v25The Mobotix v25 is the latest addition to the German manufacturer’s range of indoor IP cameras. This new model is a classic dome design and is available in a black or white housing. It’s made primarily for ceiling mounting but an optional wall mounting kit opens up options for siting the unit.

The new v25 has a feature-set that’s in keeping with the specification common to all current Mobotix units – 6MP Moonlight Technology, built-in video analytics and motion detection, no moving parts, high quality components and edge recording. Mobotix have also added manual pan/tilt adjustment for the lens (between 0° and 90°) and an optional vandalism protection kit.


Protect your Milestone investment with Care Plus

March 22nd, 2016 by Paul Sandford

Milestone Care PlusMilestone launched “Milestone Care” back in July 2015 and since then, those XProtect customers that purchased Care Plus are now benefiting from being able to easily upgrade their product to the recently launched XProtect 2016 version – at no extra cost.

Milestone Care is a revamped and tiered suite of support services designed as a successor to the after-sales care provided by the old Software Upgrade Plan (SUP).

If you’re still unsure why it’s worthwhile having such a package in place or which “Milestone Care” plan is actually the most suitable, we’ve compiled a breakdown of the tiered plans on offer with “Milestone Care” and 5 reasons to protect your investment in Milestone by keeping your software updated.


What’s new in Milestone XProtect 2016?

March 14th, 2016 by Paul Sandford

Milestone XProtect 2016Milestone’s XProtect video management software remains the market leading package for video surveillance and it’s a product that we at NW both sell and use and don’t hesitate to recommend as the go-to platform for video surveillance and recording.

XProtect’s underlying performance and feature-set has always been good (they’ve been developing XProtect now for 15 years or so), but the 2016 variants bring some welcome improvements in performance for the end user, for the operator and for the integrator.


IP camera overview videos

January 26th, 2016 by Paul Sandford

IP camera overview videosWe like to make it easier for the customer to find the right IP camera to suit their needs.

If you’ve found yourself wishing you could see a particular IP camera in detail, from front to back, you’ll find our new series of 30 second overview videos provide the bite-sized summary you need.

Of course, some manufacturers already create videos of their IP cameras and we regularly share the best of these but we wanted to add some elements to our videos that we know customers are interested in, but are not often covered.

Where possible, we’ve included views of:

  • dome cameras without dome covers to reveal lens and pan/tilt mechanisms in detail
  • outdoor housing lids removed to show cable routing and the accessibility of connections
  • lens adjustment rings, I/O connections and back plates in close-up
  • articulated brackets and stands being moved through their full angles of adjustment


Axis’ latest addition to the M30 series, the M3037-PVE with two-way audio

January 4th, 2016 by Bethanne Pugh

Now, as a further expansion to the popular M30 series Axis have launched the new M3037-PVE. This model aims to create an audio surveillance solution at an attractive price. This vandal resistant, mini dome IP camera offers both a 360° overview and echo-free two-way audio communication.


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