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Video Analytics and Applications

We offer a range of Video Analytics and on-camera Video Applications that add functionality to individual cameras or an entire camera system. This enables cameras to be used to resolve specific security, safety, or operational challenges that you may have. Cameras are increasingly used for purposes other than security, driven by the growth in AI video analytics and data integrations.

Video analytics application image showing bounding boxes around detections on screen and an Axis camera.

Video Analytics, what you need to know

The use of AI-driven video analytics has been growing rapidly, and the number of video analytics vendors and products is huge. This has resulted in a fragmented, complex market, requiring expert knowledge to advice on compatibility and integration capabilities.

As a starting point it is important to recognise that many IP cameras we sell come with some video analytics on-board as standard. This can range from basic to advanced analytics, depending on brand and camera model. In addition to analytics already in the camera, most camera brands also offer free analytics or paid-for video analytics that can be added for more specific use cases, and there are technology partners who offer compatible video analytics products also.

It is these ‘additional’ video analytics from the camera brands and technology partners that we offer to you via this page.

Also, please be aware that analytics can be camera-based, server-based, cloud-based or NVR-based, or even a combination of these.

Contact us for further advice about the possibilities of video analytics, and how to ensure it will work for you.

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