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Axis Companion App

Built into every Axis camera is Axis Secure Remote Access technology which allows customers who are not looking to run an NVR or software-based video management system to setup and configure a system which can record to the edge devices (i.e. record to SD cards slotted into the cameras).


Live viewing, playback and notifications are simple to do via the app and this simplicity is preferred in some scenarios over the more feature-packed alternatives.


All of this can be done via the Axis Companion app.


For those who want a slightly more advanced system and additional retention time, the Axis Companion app works with the Axis S3008 network video recorder with up to 8TB of storage. For a simple system with a low number of cameras, this is a very cost-effective solution.

Axis Motion Guard

The Axis Motion Guard app is an intelligent video analytics add-on for supported Axis IP cameras which is built on the Axis Camera Application Platform popular with 3rd party developers. This free edge-based analytic uses perspective coupled with motion detection to generate alerts and set up triggers out of the camera, perhaps to send an email, trigger a light, start recording or anything else you can think of.


It is best implemented in sterile zones which see little movement, perhaps in offices or car parks after hours or at weekends.


Axis has made this capable video analytica application available freely as it has been superceded by Axis Object Analytics.



Axis Fence Guard

Similar to Axis Motion Guard, Fence Guard is an ACAP-based video analytic designed for perimeter detection and virtual trip-wire detections. To use Fence Guard simply install it to the camera (any Axis camera with firmware 7.x or above) and create an outline of the area to be protected. You can then set up a series of triggers to look for people, vehicles or any object crossing the line of the tripwire.


Couple this with Axis False Alarm Filtering and you have a capable and easy-to-set-up perimeter detection facility for non-critical applications.


For critical site monitoring choose Axis Perimeter Defender.

Axis Loitering Guard

Loitering can be a problem in both public and private spaces, and loitering can often be a precursor to criminal activity. As such, a good app to detect how long people loiter in protected spaces is needed. With Axis Loitering Guard alarms can be set to notify you when people loiter for set lengths of time and these alarms can be sent to different places depending on the time of day, so loitering at night can be responded to differently than loitering during the daytime.


To optimise detections you can add up to three include and exclude areas to the view alongside a choice of different loitering conditions.


Again, a camera from Axis Communications with firmware version 7.x or above is required.

Axis Audio Spectrum Visualiser

This free app assists CCTV operators in detecting and analysing audio activity while monitoring across multiple screens. It is suitable for organisations who wish to be alerted when the sound environment in a scene changes substantially, such as when a fight breaks out, a gun is fired or even when someone enters a quiet zone. Alerts can be set based on the amplitude of the sound detected.


The app enables a visual indicator on the screen, embedded in the video view, of a colour-coded audio spectrum where the louder the sound, the higher the amplitude of the graph.



Axis Radar Autotracking for PTZ

A free Axis ACAP app which allows an Axis PTZ camera to be automatically controlled by an Axis Radar device such as the Axis D2110-VE. Radar is a highly effective detection tool for use in all weathers and conditions and with this app operators' attentions can be freed up for other tasks while the PTZ camera automatically follows, with high accuracy, the moving objects detected by the radar device.


As detection solutions go, this is one of the most highly effective solutions and this app helps to make the solution easy to deliver.

Axis Speed Monitor

Having a visualisation of a vehicle's speed can be a useful tool in areas where speed needs to be regulated such as outside schools, bus lanes, and car park entrances, and this free app gives you just that for your Axis camera, overlaying colour-coded vehicle speed information, generated from a radar detection device, onto the live video stream. 


How you mount and position the camera will make a significant difference to the accuracy of output in this app, so please get in touch with our technical support team if you would like assistance.

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