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Axis Perimeter Defender application licence

Axis Perimeter Defender application licence
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Ideal for users requiring highly sensitive perimeter protection, this app ensures security monitoring begins at the very edge of a location. Multiple detection methods and event analysis help to reinforce physical access control. 
  • For Axis IP devices with firmware 5.60 +
  • Supports event streaming to VMS
  • PC application included
  • One licence required per Axis IP camera
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Overview of Axis Perimeter Defender

Axis Solution Gold Partner

Axis Perimeter Defender is a flexible video analytics application, providing scalable perimeter surveillance and protection - suitable for large scale installations.

The application ensures security monitoring begins at the very edge of a location, delivering highly sensitive perimeter protection. It provides accurate detection capabilities with simultaneous support for numerous detection scenarios, including several types of intrusion detection and loitering.

Perimeter Defender can be deployed simultaneously across multiple Axis IP cameras (devices must have ACAP support). This enables the detection and video capture of events occurring at the same time, in different locations. Event analysis is handled on-board the camera and can be configured to dismiss situations seen as non-threatening. This allows the operator to be notified of incidents that are deemed potentially critical, as well as helping to minimise the number of false alarms. Operators can then choose to view the footage and determine the nature of the threat.

The application can be installed onto cameras as and when required, at any point in time, providing a truly scalable solution. All analysis is camera-based, so a central server is not required and there is no need for hardware replacements or system redesigns when new devices are added to the network. Once installed, the entire system can be easily controlled from a single interface and location.

Automatic calibration and an integrated, intuitive system design tool allow for simplified setup - reducing installation and configuration time. With support for a range of VMS platforms and alarm outputs, the application can be easily integrated into a system to provide reliable perimeter detection and the effective delivery of external alarms.

Please note: this product is available as a single or 10 pack licence (please select in menu above) - one licence per camera is required.

Typical applications:

The Axis Perimeter Defender application is an ideal choice for demanding applications requiring high-security perimeter protection. Multiple detection methods, alongside event analysis, help to reinforce physical access control and ensure accurate security monitoring. Typical applications include power plants, chemical plants and prisons.

Key features and benefits:

  • Compatible with a wide range of Axis IP devices (must include ACAP support)
  • Provides scalable perimeter protection, ideal for demanding large-sized installations
  • Intrusion, zone crossing, loitering and conditional zone crossing event detection provide a versatile security monitoring solution
  • Capable of detecting multiple events occurring at the same time, in different places – providing effective surveillance in demanding applications
  • Non-threatening events can be detected and dismissed to reduce the number of false alarms

Key technical features:

  • One licence required per camera
  • i-LIDS® approved for use in sterile zone monitoring applications
  • PC system design tool included
  • PC application included
  • Supports event streaming to VMS
  • NOTE: Harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow may affect detection


A single or 10-pack license code(s) can be purchased (please select in menu above) - one licence is required per camera and can be activated from the camera or online.

Compatible cameras:

Firmware version 5.60 or later is required. See list of compatible cameras.

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