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Milestone XProtect Smart Wall add-on application for use with Milestone XProtect

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Multi-screen control room presentation app, for XProtect Expert and Corporate, automatically displays the most relevant and critical video data - providing rapid situational overviews directly through The Milestone Smart Client.

  • Included in XProtect Corporate and compatible with Expert
  • One licence required to add onto an XProtect system
  • Create a multi-screen set up through XProtect VMS
  • Supports any combination of monitors from any manufacturer
  • Display critical video streams across multiple monitors
  • XProtect Smart Client supported
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Overview of Milestone XProtect Smart Wall


  • Compatible with XProtect Expert and Corporate (comes included with Corporate)
  • Ideal to create efficient control room operations
  • Displays video streams on multiple monitors through Milestone XProtect VMS
  • Displays the most critical and relevant video streams to enhance response times and decision making
  • Allows users to share footage between different users on a network
  • Configure event triggers that display video when a certain action occurs


Milestone XProtect Smart Wall is a multi-screen presentation add-on application for Milestone XProtect video management software. It allows users to create a highly customisable video wall to display relevant and critical footage across multiple screens. Compatible with XProtect Expert and included with XProtect Corporate as standard, this flexible application allows users to create a comprehensive video display that fits their specific requirements, with an unrestricted number of displays and customisation options - all on a centralised management system, thanks to the XProtect Smart client.


Ideal for use in large, demanding applications that require a surveillance team for constant monitoring of high camera count systems; this add-on application enables users to display a variety of footage and data across multiple screens to create a dynamic surveillance setup. Additional content such as maps or the news can be displayed on the video wall to add context or give updates for ongoing situations. Event triggers can be configured through XProtect’s Smart client to display information or video footage when a specific event occurs or to alert users to a certain situation.


XProtect Smart wall employs hardware-accelerated decoding to allow for high-quality video performance with a reduced CPU load. Its customisable interface enables users to manage display screens using a drag-and-drop functionality and allows the setting of default views for areas that require consistent or more detailed monitoring. The application provides users with the ability to share screen content across the network, enhancing team-wide responses and decision-making - as all members have access to the same information simultaneously.


This add-on application is hardware independent and therefore can be connected to any standard server and monitor combination, giving users the freedom to build a video wall that fits their unique requirements. Due to its flexible hardware requirements, the application is fully scalable and is ideal for growing corporations or ever-changing environments. Additionally, all functions are fully integrated within XProtect Smart Client, which simplifies set-up and reduces the need for extensive operator training.

Please note: This product is included with XProtect Corporate and is an add-on licence for Milestone XProtect Expert systems. If an existing system is not in place, an  XProtect Expert base licence  and XProtect device licences for each camera will need to be purchased

Key features & benefits

  • Milestone XProtect Smart Wall is suitable for use with XProtect Expert and Corporate
  • Allows users to display video streams across multiple monitors on a network
  • Enables screen sharing to any user on a network
  • Alarms can be configured within XProtect to trigger system actions such as displaying a video stream or other content
  • Customise monitor layout to display the most critical streams at any time
  • Supports information such as maps, videos and message to assist operators in critical decision making
  • Supports any combination of monitors - suitable for demanding applications that require comprehensive round-the-clock monitoring
  • Flexible and scalable – supports an unrestricted number of displays at any location

Typical applications

XProtect Smart Wall allows users to create their own customisable video wall, all managed through XProtect VMS. Due to its power and scalability, this application is Ideal for large and ever-changing installations such as city surveillance, airports or zoos.

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