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Milestone XProtect Management Server Failover add-on application for use with Milestone XProtect Video Management Software

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Protecting larger CCTV systems from data loss and downtime, this XProtect add-on is available for Expert and Corporate variants. With easy integration, it identifies system failures and automatically switches to a secondary server.

  • For use with XProtect Expert and Corporate
  • One licence is required per system
  • Protects CCTV systems from data loss and reduces downtime
  • Live monitoring of server status via web console
  • Automatic switchover when an error is detected
  • Easy to set up and integrate into XProtect
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Overview of Milestone XProtect Management Server Failover

  • Safeguards systems against disruption and data loss due to hardware, software and human error
  • Compatible with XProtect Expert and Corporate
  • One licence is required per system
  • Intelligently identifies server errors and automatically initiates failover
  • Automatic reintegration of data when the primary server is repaired without interrupting services

With easy installation and fully automated failback, this Milestone XProtect add-on provides users with a highly reliable failover solution that reduces disruption and data loss in CCTV systems. Compatible with Milestone XProtect Expert and Corporate, the add-on requires identical system requirements to the installed VMS, so no costly upgrades are required. Only one licence is required per system, in addition to XProtect Base and device licences, simplifying the integration process significantly.


Milestone XProtect Management Server Failover protects servers from hardware, software and human failures, ensuring these errors do not cause undue inconvenience by automatically initiating switchover to a secondary server – minimising the negative effects of system downtime or data loss. Ideal for more advanced systems that store a large amount of data and require continuous operation. Furthermore, a manual failover option is available, allowing the secondary server to be utilised when the primary server is installing updates.


This add-on supplies users with a high-quality solution to a system failure that works continuously in the background to detect system errors and immediately initiate failover as and when it is required. This reliable application intelligently identifies an error as soon as it becomes apparent and automatically moves operation onto an identical secondary server connected to the primary server via a mirrored link – eliminating downtime. If the secondary server fails or the error on the primary server is solved, an automatic failback is triggered to ensure continuous operation. Moreover, users can monitor server status via the web console.


Integration is straightforward using the installation wizard which guides users through the setup process. This add-on is integrated into the XProtect installer 2022 R1 or later and does not require the download of extra programs, as users only need to check a box and enter their licence number. Additionally, all XProtect Expert and Corporate installations come with a free 3-day trial of the application.

Please note:  A licence is required for each system. This product is an add-on licence for a Milestone XProtect VMS system. If an existing system is not in place, an XProtect base licence (Expert or Corporate) and XProtect device licences for each camera will need to be purchased.

Key features & benefits

  • Compatible with XProtect Expert and Corporate
  • Minimises downtime and data loss associated with server failures by automatically switching to a secondary server
  • One licence is required per system (usually a cluster of two servers)
  • Errors are automatically identified, and failback is immediately triggered
  • Manual failover can be initiated for use in upgrade scenarios
  • Users can monitor server state via the web console
  • Add-on is integrated into Milestone installer for a straightforward setup

Typical applications

This reliable, easy-to-use, failover system is ideal for large CCTV installations that carry critical data and require a dependable backup for management servers. Typical applications include production lines, airports and city surveillance.

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