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You don’t have to have CarePlus to be able to run your Milestone XProtect video management system. However, as with all other pieces of software, you leave yourself vulnerable to weakened cybersecurity if you don’t keep it up to date. You miss out on constantly evolving features and technologies that improve the use of your system on an ongoing basis.

If you have Care Plus in place you have access to three version updates from Milestone each year, known as Release 1, 2, and 3 (or R1, R2, and R3 as Milestone likes to call them). Each of these releases includes security updates, new functionality, and improved performance, overall giving you a better, safer, and more powerful CCTV system as time progresses.

But please note, updating Milestone software is not always easy if you’re running a larger or more complex system. Therefore, depending on your system characteristics we recommend to consider from a practical standpoint how often and when a release update should be performed. Once a year is a reasonable rule of thumb, or when Milestone releases a particularly useful feature or important bug patch.

Now is a good time to look at your Care Plus license and update your system as Milestone has a number of attractive Care Plus offers available for existing users until 31st October 2020.

Has your Care Plus expired?

If yes, this is a good time to get back into the Milestone Care program.

Normally, Milestone installations with no Care Plus or an expired Care Plus license would require the purchase of the costlier 3-year opt-in license to get back into the program. But not at the moment.

The offer is that you can buy a 1 year Care Plus license at the standard price, saving an otherwise significant outlay to get your Milestone CCTV system back up to date.

Please note this offer applies to all users of XProtect Express+, Professional+, Expert and Corporate. However, it is not available to customers using Express or Professional, for whom there is a different offer, as below.

Are you using Milestone XProtect Express or Professional?

If yes, please be aware that Milestone's support for these products is running out in June 2024, and now runs in a reduced manner (see the Milestone product lifecycle here). They have been replaced by XProtect Express+ and Professional+ respectively. The current Milestone special offers make this a good time to upgrade to the newer versions.

If you have no Care Plus in place you can now upgrade from Express to Express+ or Professional to Professional+ at no additional cost if you buy two years of Care Plus at the standard price.

Or, if you do have Care Plus in place you can perform the upgrade under your current license and add two years of Care Plus on your upgraded system, i.e. Express+ or Professional+, with a discount of 50%.

Please note these offers are open to existing Milestone users until 31 st October 2020.

About Milestone

Milestone Systems is a leading global provider of video management software (VMS) used to operate and manage CCTV systems of any size and complexity. NW is a longstanding Milestone Platinum Partner. We have over 15 years of expertise in deploying and supporting Milestone VMS installations for our customers via our IP Video Support Desk.

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