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We are proud to tell you that we have recently been granted Axis Camera Station Specialist status. This is on top of our existing Axis Gold Partner status.

Being one of the first companies in the UK to receive this certification, just goes to show our expertise in, and commitment to, delivering reliable and high-quality products and end-to-end security solutions.

What is an Axis Camera Station Specialist?

Axis Camera Station specialism ensures “first-rate knowledge within a niche of solutions”, meaning that we are trusted by Axis to offer greater support to our customers and to have a deeper understanding of Axis Camera Station and end-to-end solutions using it. To gain specialist status we demonstrated our current knowledge, and our commitment to ongoing training – ensuring our understanding of ACS is always up to date.

What is Axis Camera Station?

Axis Camera Station (or ACS) is a versatile and user-friendly video management system for Axis devices and more. It is a strong video surveillance and access control solution backed up with industry-leading system lifecycle and cybersecurity credentials.

What is the benefit to our customers?

Gaining specialist status has several benefits for our customers. Not only are we kept informed about the latest in ACS, but we are also specifically trained to offer the most up-to-date and best quality solutions. We can offer an extra level of support with design, implementation, installation, and technical queries, solving customer challenges more effectively, quickly and usually at the first point of contact. As well as providing continual and better-quality support for customers, we are able to knowledgeably recommend solutions, helping you expand your system beyond video surveillance.

This new status extends both to our supply-only sales (Network Webcams) and our Axis solutions business.

For further help, information and support with Axis Camera Station, please get in touch with us.

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