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Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a useful tool that allows cameras to read and process a string of alphanumerical characters that can be used to gather further information or trigger recording and monitoring alerts. Vaxtor is a world leader in OCR and LPR technology and works closely with many IP camera manufacturers including Axis, Mobotix and i-PRO to provide accurate real-time Licence plate and character recognition analytics. Developed 100% in-house at Vaxtor, their OCR technology can be installed directly onto a camera or managed via a PC client.

Ideal for a range of applications including retail, hospitality and logistics, Vaxtor OCR technology could be exactly what your business needs to enhance efficiency, accountability and stock tracking. In this blog, we will discuss Vaxtor’s OCR offering, how it works and see it in action in two example use cases.

What is Vaxtor OCR and how does it work?

Vaxtor OCR allows customers with Axis IP cameras to read, process and database any alphanumerical combination of up to three lines. This highly accurate technology is able to operate in a range of light conditions and, with simple user-programmable configuration which can be set up in minutes. There are numerous possible uses for this technology including the reading of bar codes, IDs and serial numbers. However, to make it easier, Vaxtor has created a few variants with specific features suited to particular applications:

  • VaxOCR Genesis – A generic OCR application, ideal for use in retail or hospitality businesses
  • VaxOCR Container – An application tailored to reading container codes, ideal for border control or logistics operations
  • VaxOCR Train – Designed to read UIC codes and can be used alongside the container application to keep track of rolling stock

Vaxtor products make use of advanced OCR technology to accurately process characters from still images as well as live and recorded footage. This technology is able to identify characters almost regardless of font shape or image quality. Vaxtor’s products offer edge-based OCR processing onboard compatible Axis IP cameras or a PC client on Windows and Linux operating systems. This allows connected cameras to automatically and consistently detect characters – based on parameters defined in the setup process – and send the resulting information to a selected VMS product, be it Vaxtor’s own Helix Back Office, Milestone XProtect or Axis Camera Station. Once the information has been sent to the VMS it can then be used to monitor shipments, validate tickets and keep track of objects such as containers, or can be exported alongside video and sent as evidence of an incident. Furthermore, the information gathered can be used to trigger on-camera notifications based on a predetermined black/white list.

Vaxtor OCR in practice

The following video (left) shows how the VaxOCR container code reader automatically detects container codes and lists them with corresponding information including the owner code, owner city, position of code, an image of the container, date, time, video source and container dimensions. This information can then be used for accountability purposes or to monitor and track goods movements.

Vaxtor Container OCS demonstration video
Vaxtor Cattle Guard OCS demonstration video

The video on the right shows that OCR Genesis can be used to track cattle and ensure all are accounted for. This intelligent programme generates a list of ID codes, time and date information and an image of the code, making it far easier to monitor a large number of cattle. OCR can assist with compliance requirements.

Vaxtor OCR has numerous applications beyond those stated and demonstrated here and can be tailored to your specific needs.

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