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Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) software can be used across a range of industries to provide traffic control and monitoring solutions. From ensuring efficient management of car parks to enabling security personnel to control the flow of vehicles in and around a site – LPR solutions present an effective tool for site security and improving operations.

Users can achieve a particularly powerful solution by combining premium Axis IP cameras

with high-performance, e LPR software from Vaxtor. Edge-based

In this post, we’ll discuss why Axis and Vaxtor make such a strong combination and give our recommendations for the best Axis IP cameras to use when implementing an LPR system.

Why Vaxtor?

Vaxtor LPR detection shown on screen

Before we dive into creating an LPR solution, we should take a quick look at who Vaxtor are and what makes their VaxALPR app such a powerful choice.

Vaxtor are world leaders in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and LPR technology. They are partnered with high-end brands like Axis and Mobotix and their in-house development team specialises in producing reliable, scalable LPR and OCR solutions.

The VaxALPR application is available for a range of platforms; it can be run on camera, on PC and Android. Of particular interest is their on-camera variant, featuring the full Vaxtor OCR engine which has been ported to run on the latest Axis and Mobotix camera processors.

When installed on an Axis IP camera, the app provides real-time recognition of licence plates and other essential meta-data. It has a reading accuracy of over 97% in stop-and-go setups – ideal for use at entrance/exit barriers of car parks. The application is straightforward to install and, as it’s edge-based, it decreases network bandwidth and hardware costs to provide a cost-effective solution.

The VaxALPR application has a range of smart features to help provide a robust and accurate solution – some of which are illustrated below:

Diagram illustrating key features of VaxALPR

Why Axis?

Axis and Vaxtor began a partnership 4 years ago with the aim of creating a combined product that matched or exceeded dedicated LPR cameras. So, why is this combination such a strong one?

A key feature that allows users to create powerful solutions with the latest Axis network cameras is their ARTPEC-7 chipset. This powers an array of advanced capabilities and features, including better imaging, enhanced security features and the ability to run impressive analytics on the edge. As such, Axis cameras with this chipset have the processing power required to effectively run a feature-packed application like VaxALPR.

In addition to being able to run VaxALPR itself, Axis models that include  Axis Object Analytics can also work to significantly reduce false alarm rates whilst monitoring traffic. This advanced piece of tech uses machine learning and deep learning techniques to detect and classify humans and vehicles so your system will only notify you when there is a real detection of note.

Of course, there are also the usual selling points of Axis network cameras to consider – such as strong customer support,  5-year manufacturer warranty and versatile ranges of cameras with varying form factors to suit countless application areas.

Powerful combinations

Now that we know what both Axis and Vaxtor have to offer, let’s look at some specific Axis cameras we feel are a good fit for creating an LPR solution with the VaxALPR app.

Axis P1455-LE

Axis P1455-LE IP Camera

The Axis P1455-LE is a feature-packed bullet that captures HD 1080p resolution video and includes up to 40m OptimisedIR illumination. It includes a host of imaging technologies to ensure clear images in any lighting conditions – Forensic WDR being particularly useful for parking garages where there can be high contrast lighting conditions at entrance and exit points. Significant technologies: Forensic WDR, Lightfinder 2.0, Axis Object Analytics, Digital PTZ, OptimisedIR.

Axis Q1700-LE

Axis Q1700-LE IP Camera for LPR and ANPR solutions

Designed specifically for licence plate recognition, the Axis Q1700-LE is able to capture sharp images of vehicles – even if they’re travelling at speeds of up to 81 mph. This camera again features OptimisedIR illumination for a round-the-clock solution. It also includes the Axis licence plate capture assistant which optimises image settings to ensure the capture of legible licence plate information. Significant technologies: OptimisedIR, EIS, Forensic WDR, licence plate capture assistant.

Axis Q1785-LE

Axis Q1785-LE

The advanced Axis Q1785-LE features a range of imaging technologies that help to produce clearer images even under the difficult lighting conditions often present in traffic monitoring installations. It also includes 32x optical zooming which allows users to take a closer look at activity in areas of interest. This is particularly useful in applications that require responsive security monitoring. Significant technologies: Corridor Format, Forensic WDR, Lightfinder, EIS, defog, OptimisedIR.

A reliable licence plate recognition solution

Having an effective LPR solution allows users to better manage the flow of traffic around their sites. From efficient management of car parks and access control at barriers to ensuring the safety of workers by managing traffic movement around the site – LPR can be a powerful tool for site security.

Vaxtor’s VaxALPR on-camera application features a range of smart features to help provide a robust and accurate solution, including host lists and dual operating modes which allow users to tailor the system to their needs. Users can create a powerful LPR solution by combining the high-performance capabilities of VaxALPR with the advanced IP camera technology Axis has to offer.

If you’d like advice on how to create your own solution with Vaxtor and Axis, or would simply like some more information, you can call us on 0151 633 2111 or contact us online.

Kevin Bowyer - Technical Director

"Having used VaxALPR in a number of technical integrations, we consider it the best LPR solution available. This coupled with the ease of integration with Axis cameras and setup into the Milestone XProtect VMS makes for a very powerful combination of products to provide reliable number plate detection and OCR and a full suite of detection events. In the XProtect software, there are a number of ways to incorporate the input from VaxALPR including via XProtect Transact, but the simplest method is to simply trigger events based on whether a number plate is either whitelisted or blacklisted. Whilst Milestone’s own LPR solution is very good, it takes some considerable setup, configuration and testing to gain high accuracy for detection. VaxALPR requires little setup and provides a high level of accuracy right out of the box. We have, for example, used VaxALPR to open gates and barriers, to provide a record of vehicles on site, to alert police to vehicle offences and more."
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