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Milestone XProtect update: version 2022 R1 released

XProtect depicted on a screenIn March 2022 Milestone released XProtect update version 2022 R1, the first release for 2022. We can expect two more in 2022. Rather than listing each new feature we break down each new feature’s usefulness in a, hopefully, meaningful and understandable way.

XProtect 2022 R1 brings some important new capabilities to the ever-improving Milestone platform. The greatest of these is the oft-requested management server failover.

Management server failover

Any Milestone XProtect system’s single point of failure is its management server and SQL database. Lose these and your users will no longer be able to login amongst other possible side-effects. Whilst recording servers will continue running, the heart of the system is contained in the SQL database which the management server reads.

XProtect management server failover diagram

Whilst it has been possible for some time to cluster the management server using Microsoft Server Failover Clustering this is a complicated and poorly-documented solution to high availability (HA) on the management server and many systems with this HA requirement utilise 3rd-party systems to deal with this issue. Larger systems and systems with a business or mission criticality need to put in place some solution to mitigate for management server or server hardware issues.

Milestone have now, with the release of 2022 R1, provided a built-in solution for management server failover. It includes full real-time synchronous replication, automatic failover and fallback and can switch between the primary and failover management servers seamlessly. You will need a separate server to replicate to – this is not a one box solution – to create the mirror link and keep both up-to-date at all times.

It is available only for XProtect Corporate and XProtect Expert at this point.

However, to activate this feature is a separate purchase, so be aware of that. However, when compared against the cost of downtime and disaster recovery implementing management server failover is a must.

Read the management server failover data sheet. Also, see our Milestone XProtect Video Management Software offering.


Milestone XProtect now supports Single Sign-on (SSO). Users are now able to choose their preferred Identity and Access Management (IAM) using the Open ID Connect (OIDC) protocol. Whilst domain-joined systems offer a similar capability, the new SSO feature adds additional layers and for those organisations using SSO and many XProtect users, this means the user management burden can be reduced.

Anything else of note in this release?

With many annual releases Milestone will trickle down features from its Corporate or Expert variants down into the other variants. In this release Express+ and Professional+ now benefit from Adaptive Streaming, Multi-Live Streaming and Direct Streaming. These capabilities enable administrators to better shape how data moves around the network and deal with performance bottlenecks on viewing PCs.

Should I upgrade now?

We typically suggest to upgrade to the latest version only when the first patches are released. This is similar to how many IT departments look at OS upgrades. The choice is yours and will be determined by your requirements. If it is a non-critical system go ahead, but critical systems should have their updates planned out carefully. We can help with this, just get in touch.

How do I upgrade my XProtect?

Again, this depends on both the criticality and complexity of the system. Our technical support team are highly skilled in performing Milestone upgrades on even the most complicated systems, so please get in touch if you have an upgrade requirement.

Published on March 23rd, 2022 by Kevin Bowyer

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