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Overlooked? LILIN CMX recording software

LILIN touch screen wide screen monitorLILIN has been offering free recording software with their IP cameras for years. However, we feel this is not much promoted and LILIN product users often are not aware of it.

It seems that this software is somewhat overlooked in the market, hence this blog post to highlight its usefulness and create more awareness amongst our readership.

In addition to LILIN’s cost-effective range of IP cameras, NVRs, encoders and decoders, the free LILIN CMX recording software creates the opportunity for users to have a scalable LILIN IP camera system at no additional cost. The software comes included with every LILIN IP camera and allows the management of up to 72 video channels via two monitors and with split screen, allowing viewing of cameras simultaneously in 4, 9, 16 or 36 channel views. With recording speed at 12 fps for 5MP, and full HD 1080p at full frame rate of 30 fps, this LILIN recording software provides high quality recording with smooth, detailed video.

Two-way audio support in the software enables a speaker and microphone to be added to allow verbal communication through the camera and the monitor. This is useful for interacting with someone at the camera, or to listen to the camera’s surroundings. Audio recording support enables the storing of any audio identified to support video footage.

iPhone, iPad and Android devices are supported, meaning the software can be accessed and managed anywhere, even on the move. This LILIN CMX recording software offers a good recording platform, enabling users to utilise their LILIN IP systems fully as all LILIN major features are supported.

Watch the video to find out more about CMX software:

Read our review of LILIN’s CMX recording software.

Published on July 31st, 2013 by Kevin Bowyer

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