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Glossary: Auto-Tracking for Pan-Tilt-Zoom IP Cameras

PTZ Auto-tracking is camera based software, closely linked to motion detection, which will make a PTZ camera follow a moving object should it move out of frame. The software is largely available on Panasonic’s i-Pro range of PTZ IP cameras such as the WV-NS202.

The auto-tracking system works in the same way as motion detection in that the camera will compare the current image taken with the previous image. If too many of the pixels are different the camera will register motion. In addition to this though, the auto-tracking system will work out which portion of the image is moving and register it as an object. It will then move the camera to keep that object in frame for as long as it can (comparing frames to understand the direction of movement).

This means that even if the system is not actively monitored, the camera can follow possible intruders around the area picking up vital evidence where a normal PTZ camera would not. Once the object no longer registers the camera can be set to return to a preset position.

This feature is perfect for security solutions where a single PTZ camera is being used to cover a wide area and where cameras are not often monitored.

Published on June 16th, 2008 by James Drinkwater

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