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Axis People Counter application licence

£260.40 inc VAT
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This smart app is ideal for any indoor locations where understanding visitor flow is of interest. It provides a cost-effective, two-way people counting solution to help provide users with actionable insight.

  • Compatible with a range of Axis IP cameras
  • Monitor movement in both directions
  • Link cameras to cover wide entrances
  • Open protocol for use with other apps
  • Store data on camera for up to 90 days
  • One licence per Axis IP camera
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Overview of the Axis People Counter application

  • Count people on-premises to make informed decisions
  • Compatible with a wide range of Axis IP cameras
  • Reliable two-way counting of people
  • Supports wide entrances using multiple counters
  • E-licence - one licence per camera

The Axis People Counter application offers users a cost-effective way to count their visitors – helping to provide actionable insight. This smart app is ideal for use in indoor locations with high levels of foot traffic - such as train stations, art galleries and retail stores. Run onboard an Axis IP camera, the app can be used to cover single or double door entrances; with reliable two-way counting of people in both directions simultaneously. In addition, users can analyse wide entrances by using and linking multiple cameras with Axis People Counter installed for synchronised counting.


Axis People Counter runs onboard Axis IP cameras and enables users to analyse visitor trends and make informed decisions that can help drive business growth. Users can utilise the data collected to evaluate the impact of promotional efforts and enhance visitor experience. Insights from people counting data can also be used to inform decisions that help to improve operational efficiency, such as the allocation of staff to the necessary departments in department stores at peak times – helping to reduce costs and save time.


The application supports two-way people counting, helping users to develop a more accurate understanding of visitor flow in and out of the space by monitoring movement in both directions simultaneously. Remote configuration, management and monitoring allow users to view statistics from several cameras and locations at the same time, also enabling instant access to valuable insights. Due to its open protocol, the app can also be integrated into third-party business intelligence applications. This means that, when combined with POS (point of sale) data, users can evaluate how frequently visitors make a purchase and make adjustments to their operations accordingly. Additionally, data collected by the app can also be used to produce reliable reports on the number of visitors to public institutions to help secure funding and enable more effective budget allocation.


Cameras running the app should be mounted at a minimum height of 2.7m to work effectively, and to monitor wide doorways, users can link multiple cameras running Axis People Counter to synchronise their counting and properly cover the area. Data collected through the application is stored for up to 90 days onboard the camera without an SD card and is accessible in a number of ways. Users can access data through the standard web browser to access the camera’s web interface; through downloading the static raw data via an open API in the camera or through other Axis store optimisation applications. In addition, the app’s open protocol enables integration of data with other third-party applications, as well as other Axis store optimisation applications, such as Axis Store Reporter and Axis Store Data Manager.

Please note: a single People Counter licence is required per Axis IP camera.

Key features & benefits

  • E-licence People Counter application is compatible with a wide range of Axis IP cameras
  • Enables users to count the number of people on-premises to make informed decisions
  • Supports reliable two-way counting of people in both directions simultaneously – giving a more accurate picture of visitor flow
  • Users can monitor wide entrance points with multiple cameras running People Counter by synchronising their counting
  • Stores information directly on the associated camera for up to 90 days – reducing bandwidth and storage requirements
  • Can be configured, managed and monitored remotely – enabling viewing of data from multiple cameras and sites simultaneously
  • Open protocol enables integration with other Axis and third-party applications

Typical applications

Axis People Counter is ideal for any indoor location where understanding visitor flow is of interest. Typical applications include retail stores, airports and public buildings such as museums and art galleries.

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