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Axis Camera Station 5 - core licence for Axis IP devices

€109.09 inc VAT
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This versatile monitoring and recording solution is suitable for use in small to medium-sized installations. Core Device Licences are required when integrating an Axis device into Axis Camera Station 5.

  • Core: For Axis cameras only
  • Supports all camera resolutions up to 4K
  • Site map support for overview of system
  • Data can be exported manually or scheduled
  • Mobile app provides handy remote access
  • One Core Device Licence per Axis IP device
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Overview of Axis Camera Station 5 - core device licence

  • For Axis cameras only
  • Supports cameras up to 4K resolution at up to 50fps
  • Features Axis' Zipstream technology for optimised bandwidth and storage
  • Site map provides overviews of the entire surveillance system
  • Easy integration with configuration wizard

Axis Camera Station 5 (ACS 5) is a versatile monitoring and recording solution, suitable for use in small to medium-sized installations. The software has been developed with a focus on ease of use and intuitive operation, ensuring the effective management of events and quick export of evidence. Optimised for use with Axis network video products, the user can easily integrate a wide range of Axis IP cameras, access control and other IP devices into one system.

Application & Functionality

This advanced management system supports Axis camera channels up to 4K resolution at up to 50fps, and users can view multiple video streams using synchronised playback – with support for up to 25 cameras. H.264 compression combined with Axis’ Zipstream technology helps minimise bandwidth and storage space – saving money and minimising the need for storage upgrades or additional devices. By combining camera-based video motion detection and other events such as access control triggers, users can add an extra dimension to their security and surveillance operations – all easily managed using ACS 5. Site map functionality is also supported to provide a full overview of all cameras managed on the system, allowing operators to have a comprehensive knowledge of all connected devices and the complete surveillance area. Support for PTZ control, corridor viewing, and two-way audio are available to provide greater flexibility in capturing important surveillance footage. Additionally, camera-based audio can also be recorded and listened to in playback mode. Recordings can be set to run continuously or scheduled for a specified time frame, for example during busy periods or at night. Furthermore, video retrieval is made easy with tools such as Smart search and video scrubbing, allowing users to search recordings or scroll through a timeline in playback mode to locate specific information.


Axis Camera Station 5 can be installed on several dispersed sites via a user-friendly configuration wizard. Management and operation of all locations can be done from any AXIS Camera Station client in the system. The client software is also available as an app for mobile devices, allowing remote viewing and basic control of IP devices. Manual or scheduled data export is available, enabling users to regularly store recordings on an external device or cloud system. Licensing for Axis Camera Station 5 is split between core and universal licences. Each Axis device added to the system will need a core licence. For third-party cameras, one universal device licence is required for each IP address.

Table of Axis Camera Station license types universal and core and their purposes

Please ensure you are purchasing the correct type of licence - existing customers that have already registered their ACS system with Axis can visit the Axis Licence Portal to review their current licences.

Refer to the table or use the Axis Licence Calculator to determine which licence is required when integrating a new IP device into ACS.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Each Axis IP device will require a core device licence to be integrated into Axis Camera Station 5
  • Configuration wizard, with automatic camera discovery, enables quick and efficient set up
  • Supports all camera resolutions up to 4K (8.3 megapixels) for detail-packed video footage
  • Can deliver live view footage at up to 50 frames per second - for smooth video in demanding applications
  • Site map support enables the operator to have an overview of the full camera system
  • Responsive digital pan-tilt-zoom control in live view enables efficient camera navigation
  • PTZ cameras can be controlled in live view with the use of a mouse, keyboard or joystick (not included) for enhanced situational awareness
  • Axis Corridor Format vertically orientates the video stream in areas such as aisles and hallways, reducing bandwidth levels and optimising the field of view
  • Two-way audio streaming in live view allows the operator to communicate with those close to the camera - ideal for the delivery of verbal warnings
  • Support for the synchronised playback of up to 25 cameras allows multiple camera views to be displayed at the same time - ideal when reviewing footage for identification purposes
  • Smart Search features allows the user to quickly retrieve recordings
  • Video scrubbing provides instant recording retrieval in playback - by simply scrolling through a defined timeline
  • Data can be exported manually or scheduled - allowing flexible management of recordings
  • Camera-based audio can be recorded and listened to in playback – helpful when investigating events
  • Recordings can be scheduled continuously or customised to specific time frames, such as weekend or night time recording
  • Camera-based video motion detection, tampering alarms and connected external devices can be used to trigger recordings and alert operators of possible incidents
  • Axis Zipstream technology helps lower bandwidth by analysing and optimising the video stream in real-time
  • Free mobile app provides handy remote access to live video and playback of recordings from iOS and Android devices
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