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| VAR-i2-1

Raytec Vario i2-1 infrared LED illuminator with Adaptive Illumination up to 120° and a maximum of 65m distance

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This product is now discontinued, an alternative model is the Raytec Vario2 PoE i2-1

Overview of the Raytec Vario i2-1

Part of the high performance Raytec Vario series of infrared illuminators with Adaptive Illumination, the i2-1 delivers a highly diffused elliptical infrared beam up to 120° and a maximum distance of 65m, making it ideal for small area illumination such as car parks and driveways. The i2-1 is designed for use alongside CCTV cameras with infrared-sensitivity, enabling the camera to capture black and white video footage at night time and providing round-the-clock surveillance. Users can adapt the angle of illumination using the flexible Vario interchangeable lens system, which allows different beam angles to be achieved by using different lenses. 10°, 35° and 60° lenses are supplied with i2-1, whilst 80° and 120° lenses are available if a wider angle is required (please select from the drop down menu above if required).

The i2-1 unit offers Raytec’s Hot Spot Reduction Technology (HRT), which ensures light is delivered to where it is required most, allowing further illumination distance and preventing foreground objects from becoming overexposed. LEDs are equipped with Platinum advanced LED technology, with Light Intensification Miniature Optics (LIMO) and featuring an enhanced Cool Running thermal management system to provide high performance, reliability and flexibility. Users can assess the operational performance of the i2-1 by using the LED status indicator.

An optional Vario remote control provides users with the ability to set the illuminator up from ground-level. The i2-1 has a 5 year warranty and Active LED control ensures reliable and consistent optical output. Raytec Green Touch Technology delivers low running costs using features including power adjust, telemetry control and timer function.

Beam distances for Raytec Vario i2-1:

Lens Distance
10 x 10° 65m at 10°
35 x 10°(fitted as standard) 45m at 35°
60 x 25° 30m at 60°
80° x 30° 20m at 80°
120° x 50° 15m at 120°

Please note: a power supply is not included with this illuminator, please select from the above drop down menu if required.

Key features & benefits

  • Suitable for use alongside an infrared-sensitive camera to enable long-range monochrome image capture at night
  • Beam angle reaches up to 120° or a maximum distance of 65m, ideal for small areas such as car parks and driveways
  • Flexible beam angles can be achieved for different applications using the Vario interchangeable lens system. 10°, 35° and 60° lenses are included, or 80° and 120° lenses are available (please select from the drop down menu above if required)
  • Platinum LED technology provides high reliability and LEDs have thermal management system
  • Instant operational feedback on status and performance using the handy LED status indicator
  • Elliptical infrared beam is highly diffused and delivers light to where it is required using Hot Spot Reduction Technology (HRT)
  • 5 year warranty
  • Wall/ceiling bracket is included and enables easy installation
  • Low running costs with Green Touch Technology
  • Can be controlled via Raytec Vario remote control, enabling easy ground-level set up and increasing the unit’s feature set (please select from the above drop down menu)

Typical applications

The Raytec Vario i2-1 infrared illuminator is suitable for indoor or outdoor CCTV applications that require 24-hour image capture of small areas. Typical examples include car parks, driveways, train stations and entrances/exits.



  • 10°, 35° and 60° Vario holographic lens inserts
  • Wall/ceiling mount bracket


  • Raytec Vario power supply
  • Raytec Vario remote control
  • Raytec Vario 80° or 120° holographic lens inserts
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Key technical features for Raytec Vario i2-1

Max distance:65m at 10°
Angle:each single unit standard pack includes 10° circular + 35° x 10° (fitted as standard) and 60° x 25° elliptical lenses. Additional optional lenses: 80° x 30°, 120° x 50° (please select from above drop down menu if required)
Optics:SMT LEDs
Consumption:12W max
Input:12/24V AC/DC (PSU not included)
Voltage:13.5V current controlled
Weight:0.6 kg
Environmental:outdoor IP66
Temp range:-50 to +50°C
Cable length:2.5m
Dimensions:75 x 100 x 64mm
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