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Raytec Raymax 200 infrared LED illuminator with up to 300 metre range and adaptive illumination

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This product is discontinued, an alternative model is the Raytec Vario2 i8-2

Overview of Raytec Raymax 200

The Raytec Raymax 200 is an LED infrared illuminator suitable for a wide range of applications requiring unobtrusive night-time monitoring, especially in areas where light pollution restrictions may be in effect. Examples of such areas include shipyards, docks and construction sites.

The Raytec Raymax 200 can be used with almost any camera possessing true day and night, infrared-sensitive functionality. As the Raytec's built-in photocell detects a drop in light levels, it activates infrared illumination automatically. Footage can be provided 24 hours a day, in full colour during daylight/good lighting conditions, and black and white during night hours/poor lighting conditions. Users are able to choose any angle of illumination from 10° to 180° (selectable from the above menu).

A single illuminator can provide a maximum range of coverage up to 300 m (985 ft.), with variable distances available depending on the angle chosen. The Raytec Raymax 200 can also be used in combination with High Definition cameras to ensure HD quality is maintained in low lighting conditions. Adaptive Illumination allows users to set the light-spread of coverage during installation, making it easier to ensure that the illuminator is accurate and correctly aligned. A range of angles between 181° and 360° is possible if two RM200 units are used (select product code RM200-AI-120 from above menu).

The heat surrounding the illuminator's LEDs is reduced by Advanced Thermal Management, extending the product's lifespan to an expected 10 years, and Surface Mount Technology (SMT) provides a robust mount for LEDs, replacing the traditional 'through-hole' placement. The polycarbonate lens is resistant to vandalism, with the ability to withstand impacts from blunt instruments and shots from airguns.

Please note: the Raytec Raymax 200 infrared LED illuminators are available with various angles and distances of illumination. Please select your required illumination angle and distance from the options in the above drop-down.

If intending to operate under the wavelength of 940 nm option, please contact Raytec for details regarding the varying distances of coverage.

Key features & benefits of Raytec Raymax 200

  • Long range infrared illumination enables night-time CCTV surveillance, covering distances of up to 300 m (985 ft.).
  • Non-invasive CCTV security with no light pollution (infrared light is visible to cameras but not to humans).
  • Advanced LED technology ensures that the product runs efficiently for up to 10 years, longer than conventional LED lighting.
  • Adaptive Illumination enables the user to set an ideal spread of light across the scene while installing the illuminator.
  • Even Output Illumination provides optimum lighting levels for the camera in relation to the immediate environment.
  • Improves image quality with HD cameras in poor lighting conditions, providing an unobtrusive, constant surveillance presence for applications such as facial recognition.

Typical applications of Raytec Raymax 200

The Raytec Raymax 200 is ideal for use in combination with infrared-sensitive security cameras, on sites requiring 24-hour surveillance where an alternative source of visible light is not available or not desirable. Examples include shipyards, industrial estates and construction sites (where light pollution restrictions may be in effect)

Accessories for Raytec Raymax 200


  • U-shape mounting bracket
  • Adaptive Illumination bracket
  • Adjustable power supply with photocell: input 100 - 240 V AC, output 80 W max (telemetry control available)
  • Installation guide
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Key technical features for Raytec Raymax 200

Type of illuminator:SMT LEDs
Wavelength:850 nm or 940 nm
Illumination angle:10° to 180° (selectable above)
Operating temperature:-50 to 50 °C
Power:13.5 V current controlled
Power consumption:80 W maximum
Cable length:2.5 m
Weight:4 kg
Dimensions:280 mm (H) x 195 mm (W) x 66 mm (D)
Included power supply:input 100 - 240 V AC with auto-sensing, adjustable photocell, adjustable power output and telemetry control
Manufacturer warranty:5 years
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