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Raytec Raylux 50 white light LED illuminator, up to 40 metres range, adjustable angle, outdoor

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This product is now discontinued, an alternative is the Raytec Vario w2-2

Overview of Raytec Raylux 50

The Raytec Raylux 50 is a low-maintenance white light illuminator capable of an estimated 10 year lifespan, with an inbuilt light-sensitive photocell that automatically detects falling light levels and activates the unit when a predetermined low-light threshold is reached.

It is suited to installation in areas requiring night-time monitoring of equal to or less than 40 m (131 ft.) radius. A "low voltage" option is also available, which may reduce overall running costs. With Adaptive Illumination, users can set the coverage angle anywhere between 30° and 180° (selectable from the above menu).

Platinum LED technology provides a solid mount for LEDs, as opposed to the traditional "through-hole" placement. Thermal regulation also draws heat away from the LEDs, further extending the lifespan of the unit. The Raytec Raylux 50 is also vandal-resistant, with the polycarbonate lens of each LED capable of withstanding blunt impacts and long-range shots from airguns.

Please note: The Raylux 50 LED lights are available with various angles and distances of illumination. Please select your required illumination angle and distance from the options in the above drop-down menu.

Key features & benefits of Raytec Raylux 50

  • White light is the only suitable substitute for natural daylight, ensuring that optimal image quality can be achieved in poor lighting conditions
  • Light can disorientate and deter possible intruders
  • High-quality night-time images can be received if product is used with a HD camera
  • Adjustable power requirements, along with a low-voltage option, reduce running costs
  • Can be used in a wide variety of internal and external environments
  • Objects at distances of up to 40 m (131 ft.) are illuminated clearly.
  • Angle ranges are selectable from 30° to 180°
  • Vandal-resistant design can protect from heavy impacts and shots
  • Product is environmentally friendly, with excellent overall power efficiency

Typical applications of Raytec Raylux 50

The Raytec Raylux 50 is ideal for environments which require an illumination distance of up to or less than 40 m (131 ft.), and would be well suited locations such as private parking areas and medium-sized office spaces

Accessories for Raytec Raylux 50


  • U-shape mounting bracket
  • Adaptive Illumination bracket
  • Adjustable power supply with photocell: input 100 - 240 V AC, output 25 W max (telemetry control available)
  • Installation guide
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Key technical features for Raytec Raylux 50

Type of illuminator:SMT LEDs
Wavelength:White Light
Illumination angle: :30° to 180°
Operating temperatures:-50 to 50 °C (-58 °F to 122 °F)
Power:14 V current controlled
Power consumption:25 W maximum
Cable length:2.5 m
Weight:1.7 kg
Dimensions:160 mm (H) x 115 mm (W) x 54 mm (D)
Included power supply:input 100 - 240 V AC with auto-sensing, adjustable photocell, adjustable power output and telemetry control
Manufacturer warranty:5 years
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