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Wisenet XNB-6001 indoor main unit for use with 1 Wisenet SLA lens module, with 2MP resolution, edge storage & PoE

Wisenet XNB-6001 indoor main unit for use with 1 Wisenet SLA lens module, with 2MP resolution, edge storage & PoE
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This indoor main unit connects to one of the Wisenet SLA-series lens modules to deliver unobtrusive monitoring in confined areas with restricted space. It can be placed up to 8m away from the sensor for flexible installation options.
  • 2MP resolution
  • Supports one Wisenet SLA sensor module
  • I/O ports for connecting external devices
  • Hallway view optimises narrow scenes
  • Remote access via Wisenet mobile app
  • Wisenet 5-year warranty
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Overview of the Wisenet XNB-6001

This XNB-6001 main unit connects to one of the Wisenet SLA-series lens modules, to deliver non-invasive surveillance of indoor areas - in 2 megapixel resolution. The main unit is able to be placed up to 8m away from the sensor for placement options in areas with restricted-space such as doorways and ATMs. Additional features include edge storage and simplified installation via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). Free SmartViewer 36-channel software is also supported, as well as remote access via the Wisenet mobile app.

Feature Wisenet SLA-T2480SLA-T2480 Wisenet SLA-T2480VSLA-T2480V Wisenet SLA-T4680SLA-T4680 Wisenet SLA-T4680VSLA-T4680V
Horizontal angle
of view
138° 138° 73° 73°
Lens Fixed focal Fixed focal Pinhole Pinhole
Min illumination 0.45 Lux 0.45 Lux 0.06 Lux 0.06 lux

A choice of four different sensor modules are available (please select from the dropdown menu above), each capable of delivering 2 megapixel resolution at up to 60 frames per second (fps). Available in a range of inoffensive form factors to help best meet the user’s CCTV requirements, the sensors feature a 2.4mm lens (standard fixed or pinhole models available). For more details on the lenses available, see the lens table to the right.

For improved imaging in difficult lighting conditions, wide dynamic range (WDR) technology enables details in scenes with both bright and dark areas to be viewed clearly. In addition, digital noise reduction ensures ultra-low light images have less noise - resulting in a clearer image requiring less bandwidth. This unit also supports defog technology to improve visibility in images captured in fog, haze or smoke.

A range of configurable, camera-based video motion detection alarms are available to alert users of activity via email notification. These alarms can also be set to trigger MicroSD card recording (card not included) - ensuring all movement is captured. In addition, enhanced video analytics such as loitering detection and people counting are supported to help increase scene awareness and deliver reliable security monitoring.

PoE support delivers power and network connectivity to the camera over a single cable for cost-effective installation. WiseStreamII technology analyses and optimises the video stream in real time, recording important details in high quality, whilst filtering out other areas to help reduce bandwidth and storage use.

Please note: this main unit does not come with a power supply (please select from accessories tab) or sensor module (please select from above dropdown menu).

Key features & benefits

  • Main unit supports the connection of one Wisenet SLA sensor modules for unobtrusive surveillance in compact areas
  • Delivers 2 megapixel resolution at up to 60 fps – ideal for indoor areas with high levels of activity
  • Round-the-clock monitoring is supported with an integrated IR-cut filter
  • Choice of lens modules available to provide wide horizontal viewing angle up to 138° (lens module dependent)
  • Video motion detection alarms can be used to trigger recordings and alert users of possible incidents
  • Enhanced video analytics help to increase scene awareness for reliable security monitoring
  • Two-way audio is supported with the connection of a microphone and speaker (not included)
  • External alarm sources can be connected via built-in I/O ports to enhance alarm signalling
  • Hallway view digitally rotates the video stream – optimising the field of view in narrow scenes
  • Reduced bandwidth levels with Wisenet’s WiseStreamII technology
  • Integrated MicroSD card slot (card not included) provides edge storage and allows the camera to be used as a standalone unit
  • PoE supplies the camera with both power and network connectivity via a single cable – simplifying installation
  • SmartViewer recording software can be downloaded to provide simple video management for up to 36 IP cameras
  • Remote access to live views and recording playback via the free Wisenet mobile app
  • Dimensions: main unit: 131mm x 28mm x 86mm
  • PoE consumption: 6.5W
  • Warranty period: 5 years

Compatible Recording Platforms

Typical applications

The Wisenet XNB-6001 main unit is designed for use with one of the Wisenet SLA lens modules to provide a compact and unobtrusive surveillance solution. Ideal for small internal spaces such as ATM machines, doorways and banks.



  • Instruction manual
  • Installation CD

Optional (please select from the accessories tab):

  • PoE midspan
  • SD card

Key technical features of the Wisenet XNB-6001 main unit


Environment: indoor
Type: main unit
Sensor: sold separately
Lens: sold separately 
Power: 12V DC, PoE (IEEE802.3af, Class3) max 6.5W (12VDC), max 6W PoE
Audio: bi-directional (2-way), selectable (Mic in / Line in) supply voltage: 2.5V DC (4mA), input impedance: approx. 2K Ohm, line out, max output level: 1 Vrms


Resolution: 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 1024, 1280 x 960, 1280 x 720, 1024 x 768, 800 x 600, 800 x 448, 720 x 576, 720 x 480, 640 x 480, 640 x 360, 320 x 240
Compression: H.265 / H.264 (MPEG-4 part 10/AVC): Main / Baseline / High, MJPEG
Frame-rate: H.265 / H.264: max. 60fps at all resolutions, MJPEG: max. 30fps
Bandwidth control: multiple, individually configurable streams in H.265, H.264 and Motion JPEG, WiseStream technology
Video overlay: text and image
Day/night: auto (Electrical) / colour / B/W
Imaging: wide dynamic range, digital noise reduction, white balance, hallway view, flip, mirror, lens distortion correction

Viewing, detection & recording

Privacy masking: yes
Number of users: 20 users at unicast mode
Alarm detection: video motion detection, video and audio analytics, network disconnect
Alarm action: File upload Via FTP, E-Mail, Notification via e-mail, Local storage (SD / SDHC / SDXC) or NAS recording at event triggers, External output, DPTZ preset
Pre-/post-alarm buffer: not given
On-camera recording: SD/SDHC/SDXC (256 GB) - motion images recorded in the SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card can be downloaded, NAS (Network Attached Storage), local PC for instant recording
Direct-to-NAS storage: yes
Recording software included: not given


Network: 1 RJ45 10 M/100 M Ethernet interface with PoE
Video: SmartViewer, SSM


Dimensions: 131mm x 28mm x 86mm
Weight: Main unit: 0.24kg
Warranty: 5 years
Mounting methods: wall or ceiling
Operating temperatures: –10°C to 55°C
Power consumption: Max. 6.5W (12V DC), Max. 6W (PoE)
Dynamic DNS: yes
Protocols supported: IPv4, IPv6, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, RTP (UDP), RTP (TCP), RTCP,RTSP, NTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL/TLS, DHCP, PPPoE, FTP, SMTP, ICMP, IGMP, SNMPv1/v2c/v3 (MIB-2), ARP, DNS, DDNS, QoS, PIM-SM, UPnP, Bonjour
QoS: yes
Security: HTTPS(SSL) login authentication, digest login authentication, IP address filtering, user access log, 802.1x authentication 
ONVIF compliant: yes

Key technical features of the Wisenet SLA-T2480 / T2480V / T4680 / T4680V lens modules

Environment: indoor
Type: SLA-T2480: fixed focal, SLA-T2480V: fixed focal, SLA-T4680: pinhole, SLA-T4680V: pinhole
Sensor: 1/2.8" 2M CMOS progressive scan
Lens: 2.4mm
Field of view: SLA-T2480: H: 138˚ / V: 73˚ / D: 168˚, SLA-T2480V: H: 138˚ / V: 73˚ / D: 168˚, SLA-T4680: H: 73˚ / V: 39˚ / D: 85˚, SLA-T4680V: H: 73˚ / V: 39˚ / D: 85˚
Total pixels: 1,945(H) x 1,109(V) 2.16M
Min. illumination: SLA-T2480: colour: 0.45 Lux (F2.0), SLA-T2480V: colour: 0.45 Lux (F2.0), SLA-T4680: colour: 0.06 Lux (F2.5), SLA-T4680V: colour: 0.06 Lux (F2.5) 
Wide dynamic range: 120dB
Min. object distance: 0.3m (0.98ft)
Day/night: auto (Electrical)
Mount type: RJ12 connected with main unit
Cable length: 8m
Dimensions: SLA-T2480: Ø24mm x 49.8mm, SLA-T2480V: 30mm x 27.9mm x 45mm, SLA-T4680: Ø24mm x 42mm, SLA-T4680V: 30mm x 20.2mm x 45mm
Operating temperatures: –10°C to 55°C
Weight: SLA-T2480: 318g, SLA-T2480V: 328g, SLA-T4680: 310g, SLA-T4680V: 321g
Warranty: 5 years

Documentation for the Wisenet XNB-6001

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