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Axis T8331-E outdoor-ready PIR motion detector

Axis T8331-E outdoor-ready PIR motion detector
  • Detects movement at up to 15m
  • Supplied with a tripod thread bracket
  • Alternative to on-camera motion detection
  • Axis 3-year warranty

Overview of the Axis T8331-E

This product is discontinued, an alternative model can be found on the Axis accessories page

Using passive infrared technology, this outdoor-ready PIR motion detector by Axis has the ability to detect movement at a distance of up to 15m when mounted at the optimum height (area dependent) - even in darkness.

PIR motion detection delivers high levels of accuracy and reduces the number of false alarms, making it a helpful alternative to camera-based motion detection which can often be less reliable in difficult lighting conditions.

Users can easily connect and power the unit through any Axis IP camera that features a 12 V DC I/O port. The IP66-rated PIR motion detector is suitable for external installation and is also supplied with a tripod thread bracket - making it possible to install the PIR to a standard camera mount for precise alignment of the detector.



  • Installation guide
  • Tripod thread bracket
  • Mounting bracket
  • Masking strips

Key technical features for the Axis T8331-E

PIR sensor
Environment: outdoor (IP66 rated)
Supported cameras:  compatible with all Axis cameras using the 12 V I/O ports, view the full compatibility list at www.axis.com
Power: input power: 12 V DC (power from camera I/O)
Detection method: passive infrared
Detection zones: multi-level area: 40 zones, pet alley areas: 18 zones
Distance: 12 x 15m
Angle: 120° wide
Mounting: wall (indoor/outdoor), tripod thread
Mounting height: multi-level areas: 2.5m, pet alley area: 1.2 - 1.5m
Warm-up period: 60s
Operating conditions: -20°C - 50°C
Dimensions: 93(H) x 61(W) x 46(D) mm
Weight: 1.7kg
Warranty: 3 years
Separator This item has been discontinued Separator