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Axis 210 Surveillance Kit - 4 cameras and Axis Camera Station recording software

Axis 210 Surveillance Kit - 4 cameras and Axis Camera Station recording software
Axis IP cameras from Network Webcams

This surveillance kit includes 4 x Axis 210 Indoor Network Cameras and a Axis Camera Station 4 channel software license. This combination of cameras and software provides a professional network CCTV solution for small and medium sized businesses as well as organisations such as schools and universities. The system provides real-time video surveillance, video recording and features such as motion detection and remote viewing and playback. Axis Camera Station surveillance software has an advanced search facility, making finding evidence material quick and easy. The software has a multi-view playback feature that allows viewing of simultaneous recordings from different cameras to obtain a complete picture of an incident. The Axis IP CCTV cameras can be accessed through a standard web browser from any computer connected to the network or the internet. Equipped with a progressive scan CCD image sensor the four Axis 210 network CCTV cameras included with this package provide high quality images at up to 30 frames per second in all resolutions up to VGA 640x480 pixels.

Key benefits:

  • Cost effective solution for CCTV surveillance of indoor areas over a local area network or the internet
  • The use of professional-level network cameras with progressive scan CCD provides excellent image quality and detail
  • Scalable solution - Up to 50 Axis network CCTV cameras can be added (additional cameras and software licenses required)

Key features:

  • Built-in video motion detection
  • Event-triggered alarm notification via e-mail
  • Automatic 20 seconds pre and post alarm recording
  • Your own logo or overlay may be inserted in the video stream
  • Flash memory provides ability to upload embedded applications
  • Colour and black and white
  • You can select various resolutions and video quality settings
  • Option to select large and small image formats
  • Combination of Motion-JPEG and MPEG4 video compression modes allows optimisation of image quality and bandwidth efficiency
  • One alarm input and one alarm output
  • View and record live video from all four cameras simultaneously
  • Includes several recording modes: continuous, scheduled, on alarm and/or on motion detection
  • High quality digital recordings
  • No recording limitation in software
  • Multiple search functions for recorded events
  • Remote access via a web browser or Windows client, which is included with the software

Typical applications:

  • Security surveillance and remote CCTV monitoring of indoor areas such as offices, shops, reception areas, schools, hotels and other public and private buildings

Key technical indicators:

  • Compression format: Motion JPEG and individual JPEG
  • Resolution can be set to: 640 x 480, 320 x 240 or 160 x 120
  • Frame rate: up to 30 frames per second (for any resolution setting)
  • Minimum light level required: 3 lux
  • Number of simultaneous users: up to 20
  • Lens: 4mm (55 degree angle), F2.0, C/CS mount, 0.5mm to infinity focus range

Camera connections:

  • Network: Ethernet 10/100, RJ-45
  • Power: Power supply included, 9vDC / 9W
  • I/O: 1 alarm output + 1 alarm input

Accessories included:

  • Power supply
  • Adjustable bracket
  • Connector kit
  • CD containing set-up software, user manual and software

System requirements:

  • Windows XP Professional (SP1a), 2000 (SP4), 2003
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
  • TCP/IP support
  • Internet Information Server (IIS) - for web client
  • MS .NET runtime environment
Download the Axis 210 product data sheet (PDF 294k).
Download the Axis Camera Station software data sheet (PDF 756k).
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