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Axis M1054 indoor, compact, fixed lens HD 720p IP network camera with two-way audio, integrated light/PIR sensor, PoE

Axis M1054 indoor, compact, fixed lens HD 720p IP network camera with two-way audio, integrated light/PIR sensor, PoE

This product is discontinued, an alternative model is the Axis M1065-L

Overview of the Axis M1054

The Axis M1054 is a compact HDTV camera. HD offers a more detailed picture that delivers better results when the image is enlarged. A full 720p HD resolution is available, offering levels of detail suitable for the vast majority of IP camera applications. This can be advantageous for scenarios where facial identification is important, or situations with complex backgrounds where clarity of image is important, such as a busy shop.

The M1054 supports Power over Ethernet. Only one cable is needed for all the camera's power and data requirements, saving on the additional cost and space requirements of a dedicated power supply. However, if a dedicated power supply is a requirement, this option is still available.

A passive infrared sensor detects heat and ensures that the M1054 can pick up movement even in complete darkness, useful for detecting intruders during the night. The PIR can be configured to activate an integrated white LED, illuminating the scene, and the camera can also be configured to notify the user by e-mail of any untoward activity. You can also listen-in to the camera's surroundings at any time and have a two-way conversation via the built-in microphone and speaker. Additional input and output ports allow you to connect external devices for more detection and notification options, if you require them.

A live feed from the camera can be viewed using standard web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Safari - no additional software is required. For situations where recording is a priority, the included Axis Camera Station One software provides a complete solution for playback, viewing and recording out of the box.

Please note: this camera does not come with a Power over Ethernet power supply. Please select if required.

Key features & benefits

  • HD resolution offers a high level of detail capable of catering for the vast majority of requirements, and progressive scan technology ensures moving images have no motion blur or distortion. Multiple live streams can be provided simultaneously, individually optimised for different bandwidths and detail requirements
  • Power over Ethernet provides all data and power transmission in a single cable, simplifying and speeding up installation, reducing costs
  • Passive infrared sensor still detects motion even in total darkness and can be configured to trigger e-mail notification, turn on the integrated LED or activate the built-in microphone and speaker for direct communication with the scene
  • Additional input and output options allow you to customize the camera to suit your particular implementation
  • Camera feed can be viewed and recorded out of the box with the included software or viewed via any standard web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox

Compatible recording platforms

Typical applications

The Axis M1054 is an affordable option for deployment in places such as boutiques, bars, hotels and private residences



  • Power supply
  • Stand
  • Clamp
  • Installation guide
  • CD with installation tools
  • Recording software and user's manual
  • Windows decoder (1-user licence)

Key technical features for the Axis M1054

Sensor:1/4" progressive scan RGB CMOS
Lens:2.9 mm: 84° horizontal angle
Audio:built-in microphone and speaker, two-way, AAC-LC 8/16 kHz, G.711 PCM 8kHz, G.726 ADPCM 8 kHz, configurable bit rate
Power:Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af Class 2
Processor/memory:ARTPEC-3, 128 MB RAM, 128 MB Flash
Compatibility:Windows (XP or later), Windows Server (2003 or later), Mac OSX (10.4.4 or later), Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox
Resolution:1280x800 - 160x90
Compression:H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10/AVC), Motion JPEG
Frame-rate:H.264 - 30 fps in all resolutions; Motion JPEG - 30 fps in all resolutions
Bandwidth control:VBR/CBR H.264
Minimum illumination:1.2 lux, F2.0; white LED (1 W)
Digital zoom/PTZ:preset positions, guard tour
Video overlay:text and image
Imaging:shutter speed - 1/24500 s to 1/6 s; settings - color, brightness, sharpness, contrast, white balance, exposure control, exposure zones, backlight compensation, fine tuning of behavior at low light, rotation, mirroring
Viewing, detection & recording
Privacy masking:yes
Simultaneous users:20
Alarm detection:built-in motion detection, anti-tampering, audio detection
External alarm inputs and outputs:1 x digital input, 1 x transistor output
Alarm notifications:file upload via FTP, HTTP, notification via email, HTTP and TCP; activation of illumination LED; audio playback; built-in PIR (max range 6 m)
Recording triggers:manual; automatic - motion, anti-tampering, audio, external output activation
Pre-/post-alarm buffer:25 MB
Recording software included:Axis Camera Station One, full live monitoring, 1-channel recording and playback (not Mac-compatible)
Compatible recording platforms (not included)
Software:Milestone XProtect, SecuritySpy (for Mac OSX)
Power:Power over Ethernet; 4.9 - 5.1 V DC jack (optional)
Network:RJ-45 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
Alarm I/O:1 x digital input 1 x transistor output (auxiliary power, GND)
Dimensions:95 mm (3.7") x 59mm (2.3") x 28mm (1")
Weight:160 g (0.35 lb)
Warranty:3 years
Mounting methods:ceiling, desktop, wall
Operating temperatures:0 - 40 °C (32 - 113 °F); humidity 20 - 80% RH (non-condensing)
Power consumption:6.49 W
Dynamic DNS:yes
Protocols supported:IPv4/v6, HTTP, HTTPS, QoS Layer 3 DiffServ, FTP, SMTP, Bonjour, UPnP, SNMPv1/v2c/v3(MIB-II), DNS, DynDNS, NTP, RTSP, RTP, TCP, UDP, IGMP, RTCP, ICMP, DHCP, ARP, SOCKS
Security:password protection, IP address filtering, HTTPS encryption, digest authentication, user access log
ONVIF compliant:yes

Documentation for the Axis M1054

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