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| N1-ND400/1TB

Panasonic i-Pro WJ-ND400/1000 64 Channel Network Video Recorder with 1000GB storage

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This product is discontinued, for alternatives please see Panasonic i-PRO

The WJ-ND400 is a high performance Network Disk Recorder providing secure live image monitoring and recording for up to 64 network cameras.

Various recording methods such as manual, scheduled or event driven recordings can be configured per camera to offer flexible ways of storing live images. Audio recording and playback are also both fully supported when using compatible Panasonic i-Pro cameras.

With expandable storage of up to 9TB per unit or 54TB in total, the WJ-ND400 offers the scalability required for any mission-critical IP CCTV solution. Multi-site installations can also be achieved by linking up to 100 devices using Panasonic ASM100 management software (available separately).

Panasonic WJ-ND400 - Key benefits:

  • With an embedded operating system designed specifically for IP CCTV surveillance, the WJ-ND400 is optimised to provide a stable and reliable platform for the recording of up to 64 IP cameras
  • An alternative to server-based recordings, a Network Disk Recorder is less complicated to set up and easier to use on a daily basis
  • Multi-site installations are easy. Connect up to 100 Network Disk Recorders (max. 3,200 cameras) from different locations using Panasonic WV-ASM100 monitoring and management software (available separately)

Panasonic WJ-ND400 - Key features:

  • Multi format MPEG-4 and MJPEG video compression
  • Support for up to 64 cameras. Compatible with Panasonic i-Pro, Panasonic BL/BB consumer range and some Axis cameras/video encoders
  • 200Mbps high throughput, ideal for use with Megapixel i-Pro cameras
  • Various recording modes: Manual recording, Scheduled including event (pre/post), emergency. Scheduled mode includes 8 programs with an individual recording mode for each camera and 6 time schedules per day
  • Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) control support for Panasonic network cameras including preset control, brightness and focus adjustment
  • Audio recording and playback from compatible Panasonic i-Pro cameras
  • Flexible playback controls allow viewing by time/date or jump to last recording
  • Configurable display modes: spot, spot sequence, quad (16 patterns), quad sequence (live)
  • Camera grouping: Cameras can be grouped into 8 separate groups for easier monitoring
  • Filtered searching allows you to search by date/time, event type or camera
  • VMD search provides smart searching functionality where recorded video can be searched for motion in a specific area (works with supported Panasonic i-Pro cameras)
  • 2x-4x digital zoom for live and recorded images
  • Export live images to a PC for playback using supplied viewer software
  • Various alarm inputs/outputs allow for integration into building security systems
  • Up to 16 users can monitor images and control the unit simultaneously
  • FTP image transfer function can upload images to an FTP server periodically or in response to an alarm
  • Performance measurement function to help set up camera settings and frame rates
  • Automatic backup feature allows images stored on the memory card in an i-Pro network camera to be transferred to the recorder automatically. This allows for backup of recordings in the event of a network failure
  • Security comprises of multi-level user authentication (up to 32 registered users) and host authentication
  • Alteration detection and recorded data encryption allows for data security
  • Up to 9 1TB Serial ATA hard disk drives can be installed internally. Hot swappable allows for disk removal without interrupting the recording
  • Storage capacity expandable up to 54TB using extension units with TB drives (available separately)
  • RAID5/6 redundant recording for data security
  • Embedded operating system optimised for IP CCTV surveillance provides reliability over PC/Server based systems

Panasonic WJ-ND400 - Typical applications:

  • High performance recording with secure monitoring and playback for mission critical applications suited to large businesses or organisations. Use in government buildings, banks, multi-national corporations, multi-site installations, stadiums, banks, airports or to create bespoke CCTV applications in any large public space or building

Panasonic WJ-ND400 - Key technical indicators:

  • Supported image formats: MPEG-4, JPEG, MJPEG
  • Supported cameras: Panasonic i-Pro series network cameras, limited support for Panasonic consumer-based cameras BL/BB range and Axis range of cameras/video encoders
  • Supported image resolutions: 1280x960, 960x720, 640x480, 320x240 (dependent on camera)
  • Audio compression: G.726 (ADPCM) 32kbps
  • Max. number of cameras: 64
  • Recording mode: Manual, Schedule including Event (pre/post), Emergency
  • Pre-event recording: up to 15mins with dedicated HDD for Pre-Event. Shorter pre-event recording is possible without dedicated HDD
  • Scheduled recording mode: 8 programs, 6 time zones/day, independent setup for each day of the week
  • Frame rate per camera: up to 30fps (depending on camera)
  • Max total recording frame rate: 1,920fps (64 cameras at 30fps)
  • Camera control: Pan/tilt, zoom, focus, brightness, preset position call and program (up to 256), auto mode
  • REC/playback control: REC, PLAY, Rev PLAY, Pause, Stop, FF, REW, Prev Record, Next Record, Prev Image, Next Image, Goto Date, Goto Last (5 sec. to 5min.), Area select
  • Filtered search: Time/date, event type, camera number, VMD search (one detection area per search). VMD searching available on compatible Panasonic i-Pro cameras
  • Display mode: Spot/Quad (16 patterns), Spot sequence, Quad sequence (live only)
  • Camera grouping: 8 groups each with 16 character title
  • Image download: Recorded data can be downloaded to a PC. Viewer software can be downloaded separately
  • SD memory data download: Images recorded on the SD card in a compatible i-Pro series camera can be automatically stored on the recorder
  • Digital zoom: 2x, 4x
  • GUI language: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese
  • Supported OS: Microsoft Windows Vista Business 32 bit, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP2, Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2
  • Supported browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V7.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer V6.0 SP2
  • Alarm source: 32x Terminal inputs, 64x camera alarms, Panasonic alarm protocol
  • Alarm action: Alarm recording, e-mail notification, alarm message, camera positioning, FTP image transfer, terminal output, Panasonic alarm protocol output, buzzer, LED
  • Maximum bandwidth: 200Mpbs
  • Bandwidth control: 32Kbps / 64Kbps / 128Kbps / 256Kbps / 512Kbps / 1024Kbps / 2Mbps / 5Mbps / 10Mbps and unlimited
  • Supported protocols: TCP/IP, UDP/IP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, NTP, SNMP, RTP
  • Email: on alarm or warning
  • FTP client: on alarm or periodic transfer
  • No. simultaneous users: 16
  • User registration: up to 32 unique users
  • Security: User authentication (ID and password), Host authentication (IP address), Alteration detection, HTTP port no. (1-65,535 except for reserved numbers), FTP port no. (1-65,535 except for reserved numbers)
  • HDD type: 3.5 inch 1TB serial ATA HDD (factory default), up to 9x HDDS can be installed
  • Max. capacity: 54HDD slots (with 5x extension units each with 9x HDDs installed) giving max. of 54TB of storage
  • RAID: RAID5/6 supported
  • Power: 220 to 240V AC, 50Hz
  • Power consumption: 170w
  • Operating temperature: 5°C to 45°C (41°F to 113°F)
  • Dimensions: (HxWxD) 132 x 430 x 400mm
  • Weight: 14kg (30.9lbs)

Panasonic WJ-ND400 - Supported cameras:

  • Full Support for all Panasonic i-Pro range, Panasonic BB-HCM381, Panasonic BB-HCE481, Axis 241A, Axis 241Q, Axis 210 and cameras from the Axis 23xD range
  • Partial support for BB-HCM581 (video only). Panasonic consumer ranges BB and BL may work but full functionality may not be supported

Panasonic WJ-ND400 - Connections:

  • Camera/client port: 10Base-T / 100Base-TX / 1000Base-T (RJ-45)
  • Maintenance port: 10Base-T (RJ-45)
  • Alarm connector: Alarm input 1 - 7, 17 – 32
  • Alarm/Control connector: Alarm input 8 - 16, 1x Alarm output, 1x Alarm reset input, 1x Alarm suspend input, Emergency recording input, Power outage detection input, External recording mode switching, Power outage recovery completion output, time adjustment input/output, +5 V output, Network error output, Available disk space warning output, Warning HDD error output, Camera error output, error output
  • EXT Storage High-speed serial interface 1.5 Gbps (theoretical value) Only for WJ-HDE400 Extension Unit
  • DC Power input 220-240V

Panasonic WJ-ND400 - Accessories included:

  • CD-ROM containing operating instructions PDF
  • Installation guide
  • Quick reference guide
  • Power cord
  • Key
  • Label
  • Rack mounting bracket (2 pcs.)
  • Rack mounting bracket fixing screw (6 pcs.)
  • Handle for rack mounting bracket (2 pcs.)
  • Handle fixing screw for rack mounting bracket (4 pcs.)
  • Washer (4 pcs.)
  • HDD canister (8 pcs.)
  • HDD fixing screw for HDD canister (48 pcs.)

Panasonic WJ-ND400 - Additional items you may want to order with this camera:

  • Panasonic WJ-HDE400/1000 Extension Unit including 1TB HDD
  • Panasonic WD10EACS 1TB HDD
  • Panasonic WV-ASM100 Monitoring and management software
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