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Born out of Panasonic, i-PRO benefits from sixty years of innovation in video technology. This has resulted in an extensive lineup of analytics-driven cameras. Combined with i-PRO’s Active Guard intelligent search plug-in for Milestone XProtect, i-PRO network cameras offer a powerful CCTV system with all the benefits of the Milestone front end.

i-PRO camera with depictions of analytics detections

i-PRO CCTV cameras delivered with a premier service

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i-PRO Active Guard

With advanced video analytics technology embedded in i-PRO cameras, no expensive analytics server is needed. Add the i-PRO Active Guard forensic search application to the Milestone XProtect video management system and you can search for CCTV footage using the attributes of persons and vehicles, such as hair style, clothing, colour, and type of vehicle to find the required video data quickly.

i-PRO Active Guard is a powerful search surveillance tool for sites where large amounts of video data are being processed, and quick action is required when a threat situation is unfolding. It is ideal for busy areas with lots of people.

i-PRO Active Guard is available at no additional cost with a selection of compatible i-PRO cameras.

AI-based detections and real-time alerting

Available AI applications in i-PRO network cameras are wide and varied and suited to many different use cases and business needs. With AI analytics embedded in the unit, i-PRO cameras can accurately alert you in real-time to all kinds of situations including people intruding or loitering, zone entering, objects left behind, vehicle detection and directional movement detection.

Screenshot showing the detection and classification of people

Discover how i-PRO Active Guard can improve your CCTV surveillance operation

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