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Mobotix M16 Thermal Radiometry IP camera for elevated temperature detection with a dual optical & thermal lens system

£5,755.20 inc VAT
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Ideal for users that require reliable security monitoring of indoor or outdoor areas, this durable IP camera features a modular lens design. This supports the connection of a thermal imaging sensor, alongside a day or night optical lens.

  • 6MP resolution
  • Thermal imaging in 336 x 252 resolution
  • Various modular lens options
  • Built-in microphone & speaker
  • Moonlight technology included
  • Mobotix 3-year warranty
Options available:
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Overview of the Mobotix M16 Thermal

The Mobotix M16 Thermal is a durable network camera that features a modular lens design for the connection of day or night optical lenses, alongside a thermal radiometry (TR) sensor for the measurement of elevated temperatures within a scene. This versatile ‘all-rounder’ also includes 6MP Mobotix Moonlight technology (optic lenses only) mobile support and free Mobotix video management software.

When following Mobotix’s Thermal Configuration Guide, this TR unit enables thermal radiation to be measured across the entire image area and assigns temperature values to each pixel. Alerts can then be raised to the user, in the case of temperatures exceeding or dropping below a defined range – offering a proactive warning system. This makes the camera an ideal choice for protection of a business’s assets, as well as helping to avoid dangerous situations such as machinery overheating.

Lens options

A wide choice of day, night and thermal imaging lenses offer flexibility and allow the user to build a surveillance system that meets their exact monitoring requirements. Users can choose between thermal/thermal radiometry lenses with either a 457°, 25° or 17° angle of view. In addition, optical lenses provide viewing angles from 180° fisheye down to 8° super-tele and are available in either day or night versions.

Mobotix M16 lens guide

Users can automatically switch from the thermal sensors’ view to the optical sensor - providing high-resolution video for optimal viewing when an object is detected within the field of view. Alternatively, thanks to the dual lens system, the camera’s thermal image overlay function allows thermal radiation information to appear on top of the optical sensor image for a more comprehensive overview of hot-spots.

When ordering, please select the lens combination that best suits your requirements. For more details on the lenses available for this model, click the Mobotix lens table to the right.

Please note: for best practice and higher levels of measurement accuracy please refer to the Mobotix Thermal Configuration Guide downloadable above. In addition, if you would like further detail on this model please contact us.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Thermal radiometry IP camera enables the measurement and detection of elevated temperatures within a scene – helping to prevent machinery from overheating to dangerous levels
  • Modular lens design supports the connection of thermal imaging sensor, alongside a day or night optical lens (ranging from fisheye to super-tele)
  • Day (colour) or night (black and white) optical lens versions are available
  • Thermal lens modules provide thermal imaging at a resolution of 336 x 252
  • Advanced image processing, smart motion detection and analytics are all built into the camera
  • Regions of the image can be examined in closer detail using digital pan/tilt/zoom controls
  • Two-way audio support with a built-in microphone and speaker allows communication between the user and the scene
  • Integrated PIR sensor can detect motion - even in complete darkness
  • Edge storage provides a backup solution in the case of network connection failure and is also ideal in standalone setups
  • MxPEG, Motion JPEG and H.264 compression formats are supported to help optimise use of network resources
  • Mobotix MxManagementCenter and the Mobotix iOS mobile app offer free video management
  • Multiple areas within the field of view can be cropped and viewed simultaneously using multicast-stream via RTSP
  • IP66 and IK06-rated housing offers protection against harsh weather conditions
  • PoE supplies power and network connection over one cable for quick and cost-effective deployment
  • Low maintenance – no heaters, fans or other moving parts
  • Decentralised design for a flexible, cost-effective and easily scalable system

Decentralised System

Mobotix pioneered the decentralised approach to IP video. This concept means each camera is a ‘stand-alone’ CCTV system with the ability to process and store video onboard the camera, using built-in software and MicroSD card storage. No central data storage is required, bandwidth is reduced and additional recording software is not needed. This approach makes a Mobotix system very flexible when expanding, as no additional investments besides purchasing new cameras are required.

Built-in Software

  • Advanced image processing
  • MxActivitySensor
  • MxAnalytics

Built-in Storage

  • MicroSD card (64GB max)
  • 4GB card included

On-board image processing ensures high-quality images are captured using optimum exposure settings - even in challenging or high-contrast lighting conditions. The unit’s processor also digitally corrects panorama distortion to reduce the size of image data before it is saved. This lowers bandwidth and allows a number of hemispheric cameras to be displayed on a PC or mobile device.

Mobotix’s MxActivitySensor delivers accurate video motion detection and reduces false alarms by intelligently distinguishing between movements of interest and interference such as extraneous shadows or the movement of interior fixtures.

Statistical behaviour data of people and objects can be collected using Mobotix MxAnalytics. Heat mapping helps to identify high-traffic areas and counting data can also be displayed to reveal how many people or objects pass specific locations - and in what direction.

Mobotix MxManagementCenter is a free video management software supported by all Mobotix cameras that features no license fees or update costs. In addition, the Mobotix iOS app is also available which provides users with remote access to video footage from a mobile device.

Robust design and low running cost

Mobotix IP cameras feature no moving parts such as fans or heaters, and the fibreglass-reinforced housings are immune to corrosion and direct sunlight. They are also energy efficient, typically requiring less than 7 watts to operate - meaning they require little maintenance and are economical to run.

The full Mobotix range can also use an external NAS for automatic backup, and the onboard MicroSD card acts as a failover buffer in case the connection to the NAS is lost.

Compatible recording platforms

Typical Applications

Designed to proactively detect elevated temperatures within a scene helping users to react automatically without delay; this high-performance thermal IP camera is an ideal choice for a wide variety of business applications such as monitoring potentially dangerous machinery and protection of assets after working hours.



  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 4GB MicroSD card
  • Housing (high-resistance composite, PBT)
  • Selected thermal sensor module
  • Accessories for installation on wall or ceiling
  • Allen wrenches (2.5mm and 5mm)
  • 50m patch cable
  • Manual
  • Mobotix MxEasy and MxControlCenter video management software


  • PoE midspan
  • Higher capacity MicroSD card

Please note

  • Thermal imaging cameras are only sold to businesses and not to private individuals
  • Export restrictions apply to certain countries
  • Thermal cameras are non-returnable unless faulty and covered by manufacturer warranty

IMPORTANT WARNING: Thermal cameras are not suitable for coronavirus, fever or COVID-19 detection and we do not recommend their use for this purpose.

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Key technical features for Mobotix M16 AllroundDual Thermal


Environment: indoor/outdoor (IP66 and IK06-rated)
Type: fixed
Sensor: thermal modules: NETD typ. 50mK, <79 mK, IR range 7.5 to 13.5 μm, -40 to 550°C (high sensitivity), day/night modules: 1/1.8" CMOS progressive scan
Lens: varies - check Mobotix lens table for more details
Audio: microphone and speaker integrated
Power: Power-over-Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af); PoE class 3 required
Memory: 4GB MicroSD card included


Resolution: day/night modules: 6144 x 2048 (6MP), thermal modules: 336 x 252
Compression: MxPEG, M-JPEG, H.264
Frame-rate: day/night modules: MxPEG: 42 fps @ 1280 x 720, 15 fps @ 5MP, 12 fps @ 6MP, 6 fps @ 2x 6MP, MJPEG: 26 fps @ 1280x720, 5 fps @ 5MP, 4 fps @ 6MP, 2 fps @ 2x 6MP, thermal modules: 9 fps
Day/night: optional day or night sensor can be installed (please select from above dropdown menu if required)
Imaging: backlight compensation, automatic white balance, image distortion correction, panorama correction, video sensors (video motion detection/MxActivitySensor), optional off-colour/black & white display of thermographic sensor

Viewing, detection & recording

Alarm detection: video motion detection, MxActivitySensor, external signals, temperature sensor, PIR, microphone, shock detector,
Alarm action: notification via e-mail, FTP, IP telephony (VoIP, SIP), visual/acoustic alarms
Pre-/post-alarm buffer: yes
On-camera recording: 4GB MicroSD card included, max. 64 GB
Recording software included: MxEasy and MxControlCenter video management software, MOBOTIX App for iOS devices


Power: Power-over-Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af); PoE class 3 required for thermal operation
Network: N/A
Other: USB


Dimensions: 210 (H) x 158 (W) x 207 (D) mm
Weight: 1.3kg
Warranty: 2 years
Mounting methods: wall, pole or ceiling (wall and ceiling mount included)
Operating temperatures: IP66, -30 to 60°C
Power consumption: max 7.5W (mixed operation, 1 x thermal, 1 x optical over the short term)
Protocols supported: N/A
Security: user/group management, HTTPS/SSL, IP address filter, IEEE 802.1x, intrusion detection, digital image signature

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