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Milestone XProtect Rapid REVIEW add-on application for Milestone XProtect Video Management Software – Device Licence

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Ideal for large CCTV setups, this XProtect add-on significantly reduces the time taken reviewing footage by introducing 15 multi-camera search filters, Video Synopsis, and streamlined case management with dynamic collaboration.

  • For XProtect Express+, Professional+, Expert & Corporate
  • One licence required per camera on XProtect System
  • Review, organise, summarise, and export case data
  • Review hours of video from multiple cameras simultaneously
  • Up to 15 different search filters
  • XProtect Smart Client supported
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Overview of Milestone XProtect Rapid REVIEW

  • Compatible with XProtect Express+, Professional+, Expert and Corporate
  • Efficiently review footage across multiple cameras
  • Search for specific individuals and objects using an array of search filters
  • Built-in face and licence plate recognition capabilities
  • Allows users to manage cases in one place and collaborate with colleagues

Milestone XProtect Rapid REVIEW is an advanced add-on application, powered by BriefCam, that provides the ability to quickly review and analyse CCTV video, reducing the time taken to locate specific footage. Compatible with XProtect Express+Professional+Expert or Corporate this add-on allows users to more efficiently search through hours of footage by employing filters to locate objects or individuals of interest, all through the XProtect Smart Client application.


Ideal for multi-camera setups that would ordinarily take hours to review; this add-on application reduces review time with its 15 unique search filters, simplifying the process of locating a particular object or individual. The filters specify aspects such as the type of object, colour of clothing, type of clothing, time range or proximity to other objects – all with adjustable tolerance levels, allowing users to narrow down search results and save valuable time. Additionally, integrated case management features allow users to collaborate with colleagues, organise video assets, bookmark objects of interest and summarise findings to export into a detailed report, further simplifying the process.


Rapid REVIEW provides an array of options to streamline surveillance analysis including the innovative Video Synopsis feature that simultaneously shows all objects of interest that appear in a surveillance area across a specified time period, resulting in shorter video segments and less time taken combing through footage. Visual layers provide visible analytics that depict activity in the surveillance area, allowing operators to instantly see patterns in activity, dwell time and other analytics. Additionally, built-in face and licence plate recognition enable rapid identification of specific vehicles or individuals. Please note: this application is for retrospective analysis only and does not work on live video. 


This add-on application can be used with an unlimited number of devices; however, it is recommended by Milestone that the user purchases the same amount of Rapid REVIEW device licence as device licences on the underlying XProtect VMS product to ensure full camera coverage. Additionally, for best performance, it is recommended that users install the required BriefCam server package onto a separate machine of an appropriate specification for their needs, as this will ensure there is enough power for the application to run at the optimum level. Fully integrated into XProtect, operators can control this application straight from the XProtect Smart Client, providing a cost-effective alternative to multiple software packages.

Please note: Device licences are required for each connected camera. This product is an add-on licence for a Milestone XProtect VMS system. If an existing system is not in place, an XProtect base licence (Express+Professional+Expert or Corporate) and XProtect device licences for each camera will need to be purchased. Rapid REVIEW cannot be used as a standalone product.

Key features & benefits

  • Milestone XProtect Rapid REVIEW is compatible with XProtect Express+, Professional+, Expert and Corporate
  • Allows operators to review footage across multiple cameras in a network
  • 15 search filters enable quick location of specific objects
  • Filters feature adjustable tolerance levels to customise search parameters
  • Case management supports the organisation of case evidence and exportable reports
  • Dynamically collaborate with colleagues across the network
  • Video synopsis simultaneously shows all objects of interest in a condensed video
  • Simplify analytics data by using visual layers to instantly identify activity patterns
  • Users can search for objects and individuals using facial and licence plate recognition

Typical applications

With its ability to considerably reduce review time with customisable search filters and comprehensive case management features, this add-on application is ideal for surveillance systems with a large number of cameras which require 24-hour security or are consistently busy, such as airport and city surveillance, transit terminals, university campuses and zoos.

Server resources

XProtect Rapid REVIEW is a CPU-intensive application, potentially processing many hours of recorded video to be viewed in synopsis shortly after being recorded. To do this, the operator benefits from the software having dedicated resources and the more resources it can use the more video can be processed within a given time frame. View the Milestone Husky range of servers and contact us for a suitable server specification for your use case.

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Key technical features for Milestone XProtect Rapid REVIEW

Rapid REVIEW Search Filters

Source Limit objects to specific files
Time Range Limit the search criteria to specific time ranges

Class Categories: people, two-wheeled vehicles, other vehicles and animals

People: Man, woman and child

Other vehicles: car, pick-up, van, truck, bus, train, aeroplane and boat

Illumination changes: lights on, lights off

Attributes Lower wear: long, short and by colour
Upper Wear: long sleeves, short sleeves and by colour
Hats: hat, no hat
Face Masks: no mask, mask
Bags: no bag, backpacks, handheld bags
Colour Identify objects according to any combination of brown, red, orange, yellow, green, lime, cyan, purple, pink, white, grey and black
Appearance Similarity Identify people and vehicles with similar attributes
Face Recognition

View all faces: view all faces that were detected in a case

Search by face: view all face that were detected in a case and search by face using external images, or images from video

Line Crossing Filter objects that cross a demarcation in a predefined direction
Licence Plate Recognition

View all plates: view all licence plates in a scene

Search by plate: search all licence plates that were detected in a case and search using a watchlist of licence plates, data import of licence plate numbers, or existing plates from video

Proximity Filter people based on their distance from other people
Size Select objects based on their actual size from a histogram of sizes relevant to a specific case
Path Identify objects traveling along one or more user-defined paths
Area Identify objects included or excluded within one or more user-defined 3- or 4- sided polygon areas
Speed Select objects based on their actual speed from a histogram of speeds relevant to a specific case
Dwell Select objects dwelling for longer than a certain period in a scene
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