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Milestone Husky IVO 1800R video recording server for use with XProtect, up to 250 ch, 384TB storage & 1800Mbit/s throughput

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Suitable for large and complex video installations, this powerful Milestone Husky IVO server is designed for use with any Milestone XProtect software variant and offers a high-end recording solution for up to 250 cameras.

  • Up to 250 camera channels
  • Up to 384TB of storage
  • Video throughput of up to 1800 Mbit/s
  • Hardware RAID for improved resiliance
  • 5-year NBD warranty (includes HDDs)
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Overview of the Milestone Husky 1800R

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Flexible and scalable with a range of products for all requirements, each Husky is optimised for use with XProtect software.

Choose your Milestone XProtect software product
  • Rack-mount recording server with a guaranteed video recording throughput of 1800 Mbit/s
  • Supports up to 250 channels of video (HD 1080p, 30 fps, 5-8 Mbit/s/channel & VMD recording) or more with recording parameters reduced
  • Dell Enterprise drives offer local storage of up to 384TB
  • Hardware RAID, Dual OS drives and power supplies for full redundancy
  • 5-year NBD warranty (includes HDDs)

Supporting the recording of up to 250 camera channels with a resolution of HD 1080p at full frame rate, this powerful rack-mount video recording server is designed with high-level performance and reliability in mind. It can be used with any Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS) variant and is equipped to provide up to 384TB storage across twelve or twenty-four drive bays – depending on user requirements. An ideal choice for more complex recording setups with a large number of cameras, the unit also comes with a 5-year NBD manufacturer warranty to ensure your investment is protected.

Server Hardware

This robust 2U rack-mount server is equipped with an Intel Xeon Silver 4216 processor and is optimised for high throughput (up to 1800 Mbit/s) as well as 32GB of RAM. Support for up to 250 channels is included, based on video streams of HD 1080p at 30 frames per second (fps), 5-8 Mbit/s per channel and recording on video motion detection. The Husky 1800R features extensive storage capacity with users having the choice of populating either twelve hard drive bays with 48TB, 96TB, 144TB and 192TB, or twenty-four drives with 288TB or 384TB of storage (please select required storage capacity from the dropdown menu). Users can choose to utilise this capacity with the addition of extra components to support analytics or increase system performance even further. In addition, systems with complex and demanding recording requirements are given peace of mind with full redundancy thanks to hardware RAID, alongside dual OS drives and power supplies.

Video Management

Users can run any variant of Milestone’s XProtect video management software on this server, offering a comprehensive recording solution (purchase of a Milestone XProtect base and device licences are required). The system can be accessed through a variety of interfaces including the XProtect PC Smart Client, Web Client or Milestone's Mobile App.


This server’s rack-mount 2U form factor allows it to be easily integrated into existing IT infrastructure providing a tidy setup. Installation is made simple with a range of features such as Windows and XProtect VMS optimisation and Husky Assistant. Additionally, over ten thousand different devices are supported using the Milestone XProtect VMS - allowing users to integrate a variety of hardware from different manufacturers into a single system.

Please note: No XProtect software is included with this server. To install Milestone XProtect Express+, Professional+, Expert or Corporate onto this server, a base licence, camera licences (single licence required for each device added to the system) and the recommended Milestone Care Plus will need to be purchased separately.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Rack-mount video server with support for up to 250 channels (based on HD 1080p, 30fps, 5-8 Mbit/s/channel and recording on video motion detection)
  • Twelve drive bays house up to 192TB and twenty-four drive bays provide 288TB or 384TB storage (Dell Enterprise Grade 24/7 Drives supplied)
  • Intel Xeon Silver 4216 processor and 32GB of RAM
  • Video throughout of up to 1800 Mbit/s - ideal for critical video setups
  • High-powered solution for more complex systems with support for any Milestone XProtect VMS product (sold separately)
  • Straightforward access to the system via any of Milestone’s three viewing interfaces; Smart Client, Web Client and Milestone mobile app
  • Support for Raid 0,1 5,6,10,50,60 (hardware RAID) for data backup and storage redundancy
  • All hardware included features a 5-year NBD manufacturer warranty



  • Rack rails kit

Optional (please select from the dropdown menu):

  • Storage options
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Key technical features for Milestone Husky 1800R


Form factor: rack-mount
Number of cameras: 250 cameras at HD 1080p 30FPS, 5-8Mbit/s/channel with video motion detection
O/S and video management software: Windows Server 2019 IoT Essentials (No CAL) SAC
Memory: 32GB
Storage: 24TB (12 x 2TB HDD) 48TB (12 x 4TB HDD) 96TB (12 x 8TB HDD) 144TB (12 x 12TB HDD) 192TB (12 x 16TB HDD) 288TB (24 x 12TB HDD) 384TB (24 x 16TB HDD)
Processor: Intel Xeon Silver 4216
Operating System Drive: 2 x 240GB (RAID 1), M.2 SSDs
Hard Drive Bays: 12 x 3.5” / 24 x 3.5” (hot-plug)
Network: 2 x 1 GbE + 2 x 10 GbE (RJ45)
RAID Support: PERC H730P with Cache & Battery & Flash backup RAID 0,1,5,6,10,50,60 RAID 5,6,10 configurable in Husky Assistant
Peripherals: keyboard and mouse
Viewing clients: Milestone Mobile, XProtect Web Client, XProtect Smart Client
Smart Search: no
Dimensions: 86.8 x 448.0 x 810.0(mm)
Weight: 40kg
Hardware warranty: 5 years (includes HDDs)
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