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ISO 14001 certification logoNW Security aims to provide a high quality, value for money, customer orientated service to clients and is committed to delivering this whilst minimising environmental impacts. NW Security is committed to:

  • Continual and measurable improvement in our environmental performance and protection of the environment, including prevention of pollution
  • Compliance with all relevant compliance obligations including legislative and statutory environmental requirements
  • Promoting the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, by adopting energy and water saving measures, utilising renewable technologies and the procurement of products with a high recycled content
  • Ensuring all our activities are conducted in such a way to cause minimum negative impact on the environment
  • Minimising waste product, disposing of waste in a proper manner using registered carriers and recycling suitable materials wherever practicable
  • Promoting the use of products that have a low environmental impact in their production, use and disposal and achieving reductions in the use of environmentally unsuitable products;

In order to achieve this, NW Security will:

  • Operate an integrated environmental management system to ISO14001:2015 and adopt working practices that minimise the negative effects and/or enhance the positive effects the company has on the environment
  • Where appropriate set environmental objectives and targets to promote continuous improvement, measurement and reporting of our environmental performance;
  • Audit and review environmental performance and the effectiveness of the environmental system
  • Train and educate all employees in respect of our environmental policies, objectives and responsibilities and encourage the contribution every employee can make towards improving environmental performance
  • Work with our contractors and suppliers to help them improve their environmental performance and encourage them to adopt equivalent environmental standards.

NW Security employees, clients, suppliers and subcontractors are to be made aware of this document and it is available to interested parties upon request.

The Managing Director and his team will continually monitor this policy and ensure it is updated as necessary. It will be reviewed at least every 12 months.

Frank Crouwel, Managing Director
NW Security Group Limited

(Note: the above is an unsigned copy of our Environmental Policy Statement)

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