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Cloud CCTV

Cloud video management systems offer the benefit of not needing recording hardware on site, a low management burden, and ease of use. Both Morphean and CamStreamer are ‘true cloud’ applications for use with Axis IP cameras, meaning the cameras connect directly to the cloud platform without the need for an on-site bridge, which is often the case with other cloud video service providers. Video management in the cloud is ideal for multi-site businesses and smaller camera systems. Another service we offer is Streamdays live streaming, which is ideal for implementing live cameras on your website.

Drawing of cloud cctv devices and cameras on screen

Video delivered as a Managed Service

All our cloud video subscriptions are delivered as a managed service under an SLA, ensuring you of maximum camera uptime, low maintenance overheads, and access to technical support if issues arise.

Contact us for further advice about our cloud video solutions.

Two IP Cameras facing the viewer
Image of Axis M3115-LVE and a CCTV cloud
Affordable Morphean Subscription for a cloud-managed Axis camera system
Image of an Axis M3115-LVE plus a CCTV cloud
CamStreamer cloud access & recording for Axis cameras with 30 days storage at low cost
Streamdays live camera streaming ideal for wildlife, nature, tourism and leisure
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