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Hanwha Vision (Wisenet)

Hanwha Vision is a South Korean manufacturer of video equipment. Marketed under the brand name Wisenet, the Hanwha Vision product portfolio is extensive and offers cost-effective CCTV solutions suited to a wide range of applications for businesses and organisations in any sector.

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Hanwha Vision - value video equipment for security, and beyond

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Hanwha Vision offers a value range of IP cameras and associated equipment packed with features and technologies for effective video surveillance, including video analytics to reduce false alerts.

Beyond security, Hanwha Vision offers solutions for traffic management, business intelligence for retail, and operational efficiency for public spaces such as education campuses, towns and cities.

A Wisenet end-to-end CCTV system offers a cost-effective solution for when available budgets are limited.

Wisenet AI end-to-end solutions 

Be aware Wisenet offers non-AI and AI-capable cameras. Similarly, Wisenet offers non-AI as well as AI-capable NVRs. Note that non-AI cameras can be used with AI-capable NVRs, which will give you analytics-based search capabilities in your Wisenet NVR. Combining Wisenet AI cameras with AI NVRs creates more comprehensive active and retrospective video analytics performance that may benefit your business. It is wise to check compatibility between Wisenet devices for best possible outcomes.

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Watch Wisenet AI demo video 

Video demonstration of Wisenet AI Analytics
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