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Veracity is a UK manufacturer of IP transmission products for network video installations. The Veracity product range includes solutions for Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Ethernet over legacy coax cable, as well as handy battery-powered PoE tools to make IP camera installations much easier and quicker.

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Veracity, making every IP camera installation easier

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Veracity’s range of clever IP transmission products and installation tools has become unmissable for IP camera installations. Veracity adds options and flexibility to cable planning and deciding on camera locations, in addition to facilitating quick camera set up with the popular Veracity Pointsource installation tool.

Veracity long range ethernet solutions enable data transmission with PoE over hundreds of metres using standard CAT5e or CAT6 cable, negating the need for expensive fibre optic cabling. Where legacy coaxial cable is in place and re-cabling is impractical, Veracity has the answer by offering devices that enable both data and PoE to run over the existing coax.

We hold most Veracity products in stock for next day dispatch to help you with your IP installation.

Power of Ethernet (PoE) explained 

The simple premise of PoE is that it allows the running of data and power over a single Ethernet cable to operate an IP camera, or other PoE capable device. Removing the need for a conventional electrical supply at the IP camera location, PoE has made installations much easier, and less costly. PoE has been mainstream for some years now, and apart from a few power-hungry positioning units all IP cameras we sell are now PoE compatible.


But be aware of PoE limitations to ensure the IP camera or device you are looking to power will indeed receive sufficient PoE power to properly operate. There are three key aspects to think of:

  1. How much power does my IP camera or device need?
  2. How long is my cable run, and what Ethernet cable type am I using?
  3. How much power do I need to inject at source?

This may make it sound more complicated than it is. For installations with an Ethernet cable length of less than 100 metres (328 feet) you can use standard CAT5e UTP cable or higher. Refer to the table on the right to find the amount of power you need to inject in order to meet the power requirements of your IP camera or device. Note that the difference in wattage shown at source and the end device is the voltage drop that occurs over the 100m of Ethernet cable.


All PoE injecting devices, such as network switches or PoE midspans (also called PoE injectors), will have an IEEE standard and class rating. This PoE rating system shows how much power the injecting device is sending down the Ethernet cable. For ease of reference, the common standards/classes used for IP video equipment are labelled in the table as PoE, PoE+ and PoE++.

IEEE standard Class rating Common PoE naming PoE power at source PoE power at end device (at 100m)
802.3af 0 PoE 15.4W 12.95W
802.3af 1 4W 3.84W
802.3af 2 7W 6.49W
802.3af 3 PoE 15.4W 12.95W
802.3at 4 PoE+ 30W 25.5W
802.3at 5 45W 40W
802.3at 6 PoE++ 60W 51W
802.3at 7 75W 62W
802.3at 8 90W 71.3W

Two options to extend beyond the 100m transmission limit

Veracity OUTREACH Ethernet Extenders 

One of the two options to extend beyond the 100 metre (328 ft) limit for data and PoE transmission over Ethernet cable is to use Ethernet Extenders. Veracity offers a range of Ethernet Extenders under the product series name OUTREACH, which extends the maximum cable length by 100m to a total of 200m (656 ft). See below an example of how an extender is used to add 100m of transmission range.

Diagram showing Veracity VOR-ORM-G in use to extend ethernet to 100m

The Veracity OUTREACH range includes Ethernet Extenders for indoor and outdoor use, as well as extenders that will provide both data and PoE extension, and extenders that will provide data extension only. So you can choose which Veracity OUTREACH extender will fit your need.

Veracity LONGSPAN Long Range

The second option to extend beyond the 100m transmission limit for data and PoE is to use an additional device at either end of the Ethernet cable. This will enable data and PoE over an Ethernet cable for over 800 metres (2,624 feet), hugely increasing the distances to where cameras can be placed without resorting to expensive fibre cabling. The Veracity long range product series is named LONGSPAN and the below diagram is an example of how it differs from using an ethernet extender.

Veracity Longspan explainer diagram

The Veracity LONGSPAN Long Range product series offers options for different installation scenarios, including the distance to be bridged as well as how much power is needed at the camera end, and how many cameras are to be installed. It is very versatile and provides the answer to many situations. 

Need assistance with PoE transmission design?

Contact us if you would like to discuss your installation scenario and find out which Veracity products or solution would be best for you.

With many years of experience selling and supporting Veracity solutions we can confidently say that all Veracity products are of high build quality and are long-lasting out in the field. It is reliable kit that rarely causes any issues.

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Popular Veracity products 

VOR-ORM on a stylised background

OUTREACH Max VOR-ORM Ethernet/PoE extender

The Veracity OUTREACH Max VOR-ORM ethernet and PoE extender is a cost-effective solution to extending the data and PoE transmission range for CAT5e / CAT6 cable by 100 metres (328 ft).

Veracity Longspan with a blue background

LONGSPAN Long Range Ethernet/PoE bundle

This Veracity LONGSPAN bundle includes both the LONGSPAN base and end unit, providing all you need to run data and PoE over CAT5e/CAT6 cable to over 800m.

Wireless pointsource from Veracity over a blue background

POINTSOURCE portable wireless installation tool

The battery-powered, portable Veracity POINTSOURCE allows you to power up IP cameras with PoE locally, and set up the camera via WiFi on your laptop or phone.

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