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Vaxtor is a video analytics company widely renowned for its class-leading Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) analytics applications for use with IP cameras from leading manufacturers such as Axis.

Photograph showing a vehicle passing a barrier after being allowed to enter

On-camera Apps that turn IP cameras into number code readers

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As a long-standing Vaxtor partner we can vouch for the reliability of the Vaxtor ANPR and OCR applications to read number plates or number codes with the highest level of accuracy.

Proven out in the field for many years, the Vaxtor ANPR App installed on Axis IP cameras provides you with a solid, cost-effective solution for managing vehicle access, car park entry, toll roads, traffic speed control and law enforcement.

Similarly, installing the Vaxtor OCR App on an Axis IP camera will give you an instant solution to accurately read number codes of any combination. The Vaxtor Optical Character Recognition (OCR) App is ideal in logistics and retail to read, recognise, store and trigger actions-based numbers on containers, trucks, trains, shipping labels, product codes, till receipts, bar code numbers and more.

Vaxtor ANPR App demo video 

This demo video shows an example of the Vaxtor ANPR App installed on an Axis IP camera capturing vehicle number plates on a road.

VaxALPR demonstration video
Vaxtor Container PCR demo video

Vaxtor OCR App demo video 

Demo vídeo of the Vaxtor OCR Container App running on an Axis camera to record container numbers of the containers entering a busy port.

Vaxtor OCR Helix App demo video 

Video demonstrating an example of how the Vaxtor OCR Helix App can be used in all kinds of applications where tracking is important. In this video the OCR Helix App is used to record number tags on cattle prior to transportation.

Vaxtor Cattle Guard OCR for farms demonstration video
Vaxtor Helix app OCR demonstration showing plane reg capture

Vaxtor OCR Helix App demo video  

This video shows the Vaxtor OCR Helix App being deployed to read airplane tail numbers, whilst the camera is tracking the aeroplane through the air.

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Contact us if you would like to discuss your ANPR or OCR requirements, or if you’d like a trial to test how it could work for you. The opportunities with bespoke OCR implementations are plentiful, and we can help you with overcoming operational challenges that may exist within your business.

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