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Morphean Cloud CCTV

Morphean is a cloud platform designed for use with Axis IP cameras. A direct connection between the Morphean platform and the Axis camera, using secure tunnelling technology, ensures maximum connection stability and no need for an additional bridge device as is so often the case with other cloud CCTV providers.

Photograph showing a blurred mall scene with an IP camera in focus.

Subscribe to Morphean Cloud from just £7.99 per month

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Get started with Morphean and reap the benefits of cloud access at just £7.99 per month per camera (ex VAT).

With support for the entire Axis IP camera range, Morphean is the perfect solution to create your own Axis cloud-based CCTV system.

Say goodbye to on-site recording servers and all the hassle and costs associated with them. With Morphean cloud, you only pay for what you use. Ideal for small firms, SMEs and multisite businesses, Morphean Cloud is easy-to-use and has all the smart features you would expect.

Make your business safer and smarter with Morphean Cloud 

Protect your business against intruders, theft, vandalism and false claims with the 24/7 smart monitoring system from Morphean. With Morphean, you can monitor a single site or hundreds of locations via a single dashboard. Beyond security, Morphean can also provide you with business intelligence such as footfall information, heat maps and transactional data. 

Screenshot showing a retail transaction caught on cloud CCTV
Screenshot showing 'person detected' on a cloud cctv camera

Automatic detection and real-time alerting 

With in-built video and audio analytics, you can receive real-time alerts on your mobile or computer, enabling you to visually assess the situation via your device and take action immediately if so required. Incidents or accidents are detected early so escalation can be prevented by a swift response. Adding a microphone to your Axis camera will enable the system to detect people shouting or screaming. Morphean gives you eyes on your business around the clock. 

Reduce cost with flexible, hybrid storage

Morphean is clever and enables recording both locally as well as in the cloud. Locally, i.e. on-site, you can record on an SD card in the camera or a storage device such as a NAS. In addition, or indeed instead, you can also record in the Morphean cloud platform. This provides you with the flexibility to have instant access to CCTV footage at any time whilst keeping storage costs down.


TIP: In the UK most Morphean customers record to SD card for 14 or 30 days retention, with a proportion of users also storing 3 or 7 days of footage in the Morphean Cloud in addition to the SD card storage. Any footage of importance can be secured and kept for however long. This is a good example of how customers reduce costs using Morphean’s hybrid flexibility.  

Graphic showing a depiction of cloud and SD card storage
A depiction of cloud CCTV business intelligence stats

Morphean Business Intelligence ideal for Retail 

Morphean is perfectly suited to retailers. Not only because Morphean is ideal for multi-site businesses but also for gaining invaluable insights into store performance via the Morphean Business Intelligence Dashboard. Information such as footfall statistics, conversion rates, queue times, hot zones and transactional data can be delivered at your fingertips in one dashboard. In addition, Morphean’s transaction tracker is an effective tool to deal with sweethearting.  

Expert Morphean support from NW 

We have been an official Morphean partner since 2015 and have extensive experience with the Morphean cloud offering. We can vouch for the stability and robustness of the system, and have never experienced any downtown of significance.


As a well-established Morphean Video Partner, we provide Morphean Cloud subscriptions inclusive of a support level agreement (SLA), giving you peace of mind that your system will continue to work for you, and that you will have direct access to technical support in case any issues do arise.   

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Watch the video for a Morphean overview

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