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Bosch NWC-0455 Dinion compact IP camera with Power over Ethernet support

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This product is discontinued, an alternative model is the Axis P1375

The Bosch NWC-0455 Dinion network camera is a modern compact IP camera with support for legacy analogue CCTV systems and IEEE802.3af Power over Ethernet connectivity.

Compact in size, the Bosch NWC-0455 is designed as a hybrid camera which will integrate into any existing analogue CCTV system but with a network connection also provide the benefits you would associate with IP cameras. With its advanced digital signal processing this network camera delivers high quality images at a maximum resolution of 704x576 pixels at a frame rate of up to 25/30fps. Utilising NightSense technology the camera will extend it’s sensitivity under low-light conditions automatically by a factor of three in monochrome operation. This will provide useful images in lighting conditions as low as 0.12 lux. Installation of the camera has been made extremely simple due to support for Power over Ethernet. This means that the camera can be powered using the same standard Ethernet cable which supplies the data connection which greatly reduces installation time and cost. Using an analogue monitor you can access the on-screen display which aids focus adjustment and basic camera settings. This simplifies installation further as the camera can be fitted without a network connection or using complicated PC configuration utilities. The Bosch NWC-0455 can connect directly to iSCSI RAID 5 devices for the recording of images without saving the cost of expensive network video recorders. 10MB of internal storage is also provided in the camera. Advanced features include comprehensive alarm management tools which will provide alarm notifications by email (with image attachment) or by external relay output (such as a physical alarm, lights etc.). These alarms are triggered by motion detection, external sensor input (such as a window sensor or door bell) or by the camera’s built-in tampering alarm which can be set to detect a wide range cases such as video loss, masking, defocusing, hooding and diverted camera. Like all IP cameras offered on, the Bosch NWC-0455 has a built-in web server and can be viewed over a Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) or via the Internet as a streaming IP webcam.

Bosch NWC-0455 Dinion - Key benefits:

  • Hybrid design with analogue support (BNC output) allows for easy integration into any existing analogue CCTV security system giving a way to migrate to IP based technology without compromising your existing system
  • Fully IEEE802.3af PoE compliant. The camera can be installed using a single standard Ethernet cable which will supply both power and data. This makes installation quick, easy and cost effective and also allows you to place the camera in locations where conventional power would be difficult to locate
  • A number of tools are provided to simplify installation. The camera can be fully configured for analogue or network access using the on-screen display, on-camera controls and an analogue output monitor. This includes focus adjustment and basic camera settings such as network details

Bosch NWC-0455 Dinion - Key features:

  • 1/3 inch interline CCD imaging sensor
  • Maximum resolution of 704 x 576 pixels (4CIF)
  • Frame rates of up to 25fps across all resolutions
  • NightSense mode automatically switches the camera to monochrome and increases the brightness by a factor of three during periods of low-light
  • Storage efficient tri-streaming using 2x MPEG-4 streams and 1x MJPEG stream simultaneously allows MPEG-4 streams to be monitored while recording high quality MJPEG video at the same time
  • IEEE802.3 Power over Ethernet compliant allowing for quick and easy installation
  • Composite analogue BNC output provides support and integration into legacy analogue CCTV security systems
  • iSCSI support allows connection of network attached storage devices without stand-along video recording equipment
  • On-screen display (OSD) and Lens Wizard tools used with analogue monitoring equipment help aid installation. No network connection or PC/laptop required at point of installation
  • Intelligent tamper detection alarm detects video loss, masking, hooding, defocusing and if the camera has been physically moved (intelligent motion detection module can be added as a licensed extra. not supplied)

Bosch NWC-0455 Dinion - Typical applications:

  • Compact in size, the camera can be used in a wide range of security monitoring applications including the monitoring of car parks, offices, shops, reception areas, schools and universities, warehouses, factories and general public spaces and facilities

Bosch NWC-0455 Dinion - Key technical indicators:

  • Compression format: Simultaneous MJPEG and MPEG-4
  • Image sensor: 1/3 inch interline CCD imaging sensor
  • Lens: 3-8mm varifocal lens, CS mount, DC iris, horizontal viewing angle: 91° (wide), 36° (tele)
  • Supported resolutions: 704x576, 704x288, 352x576, 352x288, 176x144
  • Maximum frame rate: 25 fps (PAL), 30 fps (NTSC)
  • Min. illumination: Colour: 0.65 lux, NightSense: 0.26 lux
  • Number of simultaneous users: up to 5
  • External sensors: 1 input, 1 relay output
  • Protocols supported: Telnet, RTP, HTTP, ARP, TCP, UDP, IP, ICMP, IGMPv2/v3
  • Security: comprises of multi-level password protection
  • Power: 12VDC, 24VAC, IEEE802.3af Power over Ethernet
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 59 x 67 x 123mm
  • Weight (without lens): 0.45kg
  • Mounting: 1/4 inch tripod mount on top and bottom (stand included)
  • Operating temperatures: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)

Bosch NWC-0455 Dinion - Connections:

  • Ethernet: 10/100 Base-T, auto-sensing, half-full duplex, RJ45 connector
  • Analogue out: 1x composite analogue output, BNC connection, 75ohm
  • Alarm I/O: 1 alarm input, 1 relay output (4-pole push-in)
  • Power connector: 2-pole push-in

Bosch NWC-0455 Dinion - Accessories included:

  • 1x Bosch NWC-0455 Dinion IP camera (NWC-0455/10P)
  • 1x Bosch 3-8mm varifocal lens, DC-iris (LTC 3364/32)
  • 1x Camera stand for wall or ceiling mount (VB1B)
  • Additional items you may have chosen (from selections above)
  • 1x Spare lens connector
  • 1x C/CS mount conversion ring
  • 1x Quick installation guide
  • 1x CD-ROM with manual
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