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Bosch Security

Bosch Security has a long-established reputation for manufacturing high-quality, robust video surveillance products. With deep learning video analytics built within the Bosch cameras, accurate detection of people and vehicles adds to the class-leading image quality and reliability of Bosch CCTV equipment.

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Bosch CCTV equipment with AI-driven video analytics

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The Bosch Video Security range is a varied selection of innovative products with industry-leading quality and reliability. Bosch is renowned in the world of IP CCTV for using the latest technologies and delivering crisp video images, making Bosch IP video solutions the preferred choice for many loyal users, from small businesses to large corporations and public sector organisations. Designed for the highest security demands, Bosch cameras are often deployed in mission-critical CCTV installations.

NW is a Bosch Gold Partner and offers comprehensive advice and support for the whole Bosch video product range.

What is Bosch AI-driven Video Analytics?

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, users are enabled to understand the area that’s being monitored more deeply, so they can respond proactively to unfolding situations or incidents. With over 20 years of experience developing algorithms for video sensors in the automotive industry, Bosch uses the same expertise to their video analytics.

Beyond security, video analytics also provide insights into business operations, such as people or vehicle counting, vehicle classification or occupancy numbers. Video Analytics use metadata to add sense to video, which helps users understand and judge situations much better. The ultimate goal is to give Bosch CCTV users the power to predict, so they know what’s happening next.

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A range of Video Analytics available in Bosch IP cameras

Essential Video Analytics

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Accurate detection in indoor and sterile environments

Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA)

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Always reliable detection, in- and outdoors, even in bad weather and when the camera is shaking

IVA Pro Buildings 

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Always accurate detection, plus classification of the object detected. No calibration needed

IVA Pro Perimeter

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Professional long-range intrusion detection, also when a person is crawling or partly-visible

IVA Pro Traffic

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Distinguish and classify people and vehicles. Enhanced scene understanding such as speeding-detection

IVA Pro Intelligent Tracking 

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Detect and classify, even while a PTZ camera is moving and the person or vehicle is stationary. Tracks persons or vehicles in crowded or busy traffic scenes

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