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Telesitting is becoming increasingly common in patient care. As patient numbers are continuously on the rise, due to an aging population, and the demands on nursing staff and carers start to reach a critical point, many hospitals and care providers have started to use technology as a solution to cope with the demand.

The practice of Telesitting is where a nurse or carer monitors multiple patients via a central station, and can instantly communicate with the patient in case of distress. With the developments in AI, these systems are now becoming even more efficient, as cameras and speakers can recognise stress situations, and can warn the nurse or carer on duty of a patient needing attention. This means the monitoring station does not have to be permanently viewed, as the system will do the ‘patient monitoring’ and will inform staff automatically. The potential for improved patient care, more efficient working methods and cost savings is huge.

What’s smart about the Axis Q9307-LV audio-visual device?

Telesitting nurse sitting at monitoring screens With Axis Q9307-LV audio-visual devices installed at bedsides, and connected across an IP network, multiple patients or residents can be easily monitored from a central location. The carer manning the monitoring station can identify potential issues or emergencies and communicate directly with the patient. Patients can also easily request assistance when in need.

However, the smart part is that built-in audio and visual analytics can identify a stress situation, and can alert nursing immediately of the patient in need. This is done through reliable, cutting-edge AI technology that can recognise a distressed voice, a coughing fit, detect a patient falling and other stress situations.

What makes the Axis Q9307-LV an ideal Telesitting solution?

Well, it is specifically designed for remote monitoring and patient communication in care settings. It is a compact, all-in-one audio-visual monitoring device with on-board AI analytics to improve the care and safety of patients, and improve the operational efficiency in care provision. There is also the potential benefit of better staff morale under carers as nurses, due to a better use of their time and being able to give attention to the patients that need it most. With crystal clear 5 megapixel, smooth video the Q9307-LV monitoring device will ensure important events are captured 24 hours a day, light or dark. Patient privacy is also taken care of, with plenty of settings and features to tailor the device set up around the caring and safety needs of the patient.

Image of person coughingFour integrated microphones enable spatial audio detection, which can pick up voices, coughing, cries for help, distress and other loud sounds that could be cause for concern, such as a bang. The intelligent acoustic analytics in the unit use AI algorithms to identify patients in audible distress, and the system can be set up to alert staff in real-time.

silhouette of fallen personA combination of advanced visual and audio analytics enables slip and fall detection, or recognising a situation where a patient with high fall-risk is out of their bed. The ‘man-down’ AI analytics help ensure carers are notified immediately for a rapid response. In addition, the bedside unit can automatically play an audio clip with information for the patient, e.g. to return to their bed, or that a carer response is underway.

A key safeguarding feature of the Axis Q9307-LV unit is Axis Live Privacy Shield, which allows remote monitoring to take place but with person detail protected. It ensures compliance with data protection laws and regulations, such as GDPR and HIPAA, ensuring patient privacy can be adhered to.

Interested in bespoke Telesitting solutions?

The Axis Q9307-LV all-in-one audio-visual device is a neat, compact solution to improve routine patient care and deal with serious cases and emergencies more swiftly. It improves operational efficiency, saves cost and has the potential to boost staff morale. Read more about the Axis Q9307-LV, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to speak to an expert.

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