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The 3000i range consists of four form factors with various resolution and lens options - so you'll easily be able to find a camera to suit your needs.

The series includes an outdoor-ready bullet and fixed dome as well as a turret and micro-dome which are available as indoor and outdoor models. Each unit features Bosch's Essential Video Analytics technology - an exciting development as Bosch offers users with smaller budgets the ability to take advantage of the innovative analytics this tech supplies.

In this post, we'll discuss the potential benefits this new range presents and discuss the individual camera models on offer - helping you to determine which model is the best choice for you.

Essential Video Analytics as standard

These cost-effective models all feature Bosch's Essential Video Analytics (EVA). This opens up new possibilities for smart data capture that not only helps to improve security monitoring - but can also provide business intelligence and help with the enforcement of health and safety measures. With this in mind, let's take a closer look at some specific capabilities offered by EVA technology.

Bosch's Essential Video Analytics in Action

EVA is an edge-based technology that is ideal for use in small and medium businesses, large retail stores and commercial buildings as well as warehouses.  The tech is able to reliably detect, track and analyse moving objects while also suppressing costly false alarms.

There are a range of specific features available including tamper detection, loitering detection and object counting. There are dedicated tracking modes that are optimised for intrusion detection, indoor people counting and asset protection - ideal in locations such as large retail spaces where significant foot traffic and large stock inventories require strong analysis. It's also possible to count people within a predefined area and notify staff when a capacity limit is reached which is particularly useful given the current climate in which effectively enforcing social distancing is often vital to keeping businesses open.

EVA can also help to save valuable time when carrying out analysis on recorded footage. When the camera is recording video, it will produce metadata that describes the content of the scene. This metadata can be used for a full forensic search - a very time-efficient method of scanning a huge database of recordings for events within a few seconds. Time can also be saved at setup as EVA offers optimal default values for several applications, including traffic monitoring, people counting and intrusion detection.

Previously, this level of smart analysis was only available from the IP 4000i range and above. The introduction of EVA tech in these more accessible cameras means that customers looking for a more cost-effective solution no longer have to compromise on analytics capabilities.

Quality video recording - 24 hours a day

Each camera in this new range is available in either HD 1080p or 5MP resolution to provide detailed video capture that best suits your needs. Several of the models also include built-in infrared (IR) illumination. This enables the series to provide solutions that are capable of high-quality night-time recording covering a range of applications from schools to large shops and hotel lobbies.

Designed with simple installation in mind

The fact that the 3000i range features four different form factors means that you're pretty well covered for a host of potential installations. The unobtrusive micro-dome is ideal for use in small spaces such as lifts, while the design of the DINION bullet model is well suited to higher security areas that require surveillance - such as in banks or high-end jewellers.

These new cameras have also been designed with ease of installation in mind. Mounting and cabling are split into 3 steps which eliminate the need to juggle the camera and tools at once. A new mounting plate is also included with the indoor models to help simplify the installation process.

Cable management on each camera enables straightforward, streamlined installation through a grommet with a smaller hole to provide greater protection against water - particularly useful for the outdoor-ready models.

A closer look at the cameras

Indoor micro-dome

The Bosch FLEXIDOME IP micro 3000i indoor is an indoor micro-dome camera. It’s ideal for use in small spaces or places where unobtrusive monitoring is required, such as in stairways and lifts. Users have a choice of a range of wide views up to 130° meaning wide areas can be monitored with one camera. This model also features a built-in microphone, so audio can be listened to in play-back which is helpful when investigating incidents.

Indoor turret

Presenting a new form factor in the Bosch portfolio, the FLEXIDOME IP turret 3000i IR indoor offers an indoor solution with built-in IR illumination. Its IR range of reach is up to 15m, so the camera is similarly ideal for unobtrusive monitoring – but can also be used for high-quality night-time recording too. It’s well suited to use in locations such as small shops and bars.

Outdoor fixed dome

The fixed dome model features a varifocal lens – meaning users can easily set the optimal field of view at installation. The outdoor FLEXIDOME IP 3000i IR provides 24-hour monitoring in high resolution with up to 30m integrated IR. This camera is both IP66 and IK10-rated, meaning it can be used reliably in outdoor locations prone to vandalism attempts, such as train stations and outside licensed premises.

Outdoor fixed bullet

This camera has a more obtrusive design than the other three models in the range. Also including a varifocal lens and up to 30m IR illumination, the DINION IP 3000i IR offers users an outdoor-ready fixed bullet that is an ideal choice in places where a more traditional CCTV form factor may be more desirable. Applications might include monitoring in high-end jewellers, car parks or outside hotels.

Outdoor micro-dome

The Bosch FLEXIDOME IP micro 3000i outdoor provides an unobtrusive outdoor-ready solution. It features Bosch’s IDNR as well as WDR technologies to improve the quality of images captured in the challenging lighting conditions often present in outdoor scenes. The unit’s also IK10-rated to protect against tampering attempts – ideal for use on school grounds.

Outdoor turret

Designed for use in outdoor locations that may be prone to vandalism attempts, the Bosch FLEXIDOME IP turret 3000i IR outdoor offers up to 15m IR illumination and is housed in an IP66 and IK10-rated casing. Like its indoor counterpart, this model is ideal for unobtrusive night-time monitoring in locations such as leisure centres and schools.

High-quality recording at an affordable price

This latest range of products from Bosch brings the analytics capabilities previously only seen in 4000i cameras and above to users looking for a more cost-effective solution. Having Essential Video Analytics included enables the cameras to reliably detect, track and analyse moving objects while also suppressing costly false alarms. Featuring a range of form factors for both indoor and outdoor use, some with integrated IR; the Bosch 3000i range presents an exciting development in Bosch’s portfolio that can provide high-quality monitoring at a more affordable price.

If you’d like more information on any of the camera models we’ve discussed, you can give us a call on 0151 633 2111 or contact us online.

Kevin Bowyer - Technical Director

Bosch IP cameras are among the best in the market. The 3000i range is a further improvement on their value, with technology trickling down from their more expensive range. And the pricing is now very attractive, with options to suit most if not all use cases. Bosch's EVA is particularly effective and useful. Coupled with Milestone's open platform XProtect VMS, their real potential can be realised."
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