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| 5013-401

Axis T90A40, vandal resistant, IP66-rated infrared LED illuminator, 160 m coverage

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This product has now been discontinued. Alternative products are available from Illumination.

Overview of 5013-401 Axis T90A40

The Axis T90A40 is an infrared illuminator designed to be used in conjunction with infrared-sensitive IP cameras to provide a non-invasive nighttime security solution without light pollution. A coverage distance of up to 160 m (210 ft.) is provided at an adjustable angle of between 30° and 180°.

With a high level of energy efficiency, the Axis T90A40 can be used throughout the night, with a full 10-year lifespan made possible by a solid surface mount for LEDs. The IP66-rated LEDs also are unaffected by harsh weather and extreme heat and cold, with a polycarbonate shell provides additional protection against attempts to vandalise the unit (such as crowbar strikes or air rifle shots).

Key features & benefits of 5013-401 Axis T90A40

  • Able to continue functioning in harsh weather and freezing conditions
  • Does not pollute environment with visible light
  • Solid surface mount allows unit to function for up to 10 years
  • LEDs are vandal-resistant, able to withstand attacks from blunt instruments and pellet shots

Typical applications of 5013-401 Axis T90A40

The Axis T90A40 is ideally suited to any area requiring night time coverage without breaking any light pollution restriction laws. Examples of such areas may include museums, warehouses and large office spaces

Accessories for 5013-401 Axis T90A40


  • U-bracket
  • Power supply with adjustable photocell
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Key technical features for 5013-401 Axis T90A40

Environment:indoor / outdoor
Power:100-240 V AC (auto-sensing) input - adjustable power output for the LED and telemetry control
Wavelength:850 nm
Dimensions:280 mm (W) x 195 mm (H) x 66 mm (D)
Cable length:2.5 m (8 ft.)
Power Consumption:80 W
Angle:120° - 180°
Distance:42 - 64 m (138 - 210 ft.)
Operating temperatures:-50 - 50 °C (-58 - 122 °F)
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