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Axis S3016 Network Video Recorder. Rack mountable, 16-channels with integrated PoE switch and 4 surveillance-grade hard drives bays

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This 1U Axis NVR is designed for small to medium-sized businesses with high levels of activity. Reliable recordings are provided via its 4 surveillance-grade hard drives, and up to 16 devices can be connected via its built-in 16-port PoE switch.

  • High-performance 1U rack mountable NVR
  • 16 camera channels with powerful integrated PoE switch
  • 4 x surveillance-grade hard drives offer 8TB, 16TB or 32TB storage
  • Hardware RAID for increased redundancy
  • Compatible with Axis Companion
  • Axis 5-year Warranty
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Overview of the Axis S3016 Recorder

  • Simple rack-mountable installation and straightforward, intuitive operation
  • 4 x surveillance-grade hard drives provide reliable recordings
  • Integrated PoE switch can connect up to 16 cameras, max 305w PoE budget
  • Supported in Axis Companion, offering cloud-connected remote access from PC and mobile devices
  • 8TB, 16TB or 32TB storage options (RAID config affects storage size - see table below)

Rack-mountable recorder with 16 channels and a built-in switch for connecting up to 16 cameras (maximum of PoE class 4 per port), which offers an effective recording solution suited for small to medium-sized businesses. The powerful integrated PoE switch with max. 305w budget means additional network switches are not necessary to get the system up and running, supporting all Axis cameras. Any resolution and frame rate are supported, and data is securely and reliably stored on the 4 surveillance-grade hard drives available in 8 TB, 16 TB or 32 TB formats (select size from dropdown menu) with hardware RAID for increased resilience and peace-of-mind.


This high-performance 16-channel recorder supports connections for all Axis cameras and devices, and the built-in gigabit switch provides 2.5 gigabit uplink for recordings in all resolutions and frame rates, resulting in ultra-high-definition video with an overall bitrate for recording of up to 256Mbit/s. Feeds can be viewed remotely via the Axis Companion desktop or mobile apps, and the built-in USB port offers a convenient exporting solution.


Hard Drive Configuration Total HDD slots Free HDD slots Individual HDD Capacity Out-of-the-box Storage (RAID 5) Out-of-the-box Capacity (No RAID)
8 TB 4 0 2 TB 6 TB 8 TB
16 TB 4 0 4 TB 12 TB 16 TB
32 TB 4 0 8 TB 24 TB 32 TB

Video Management

Users have free access to the Axis Companion application which offers a simple yet intuitive system config and video viewing solution, allowing live monitoring, playback and export of recordings. This can be accessed via mobile device, or through the PC version for a wider array of setup options. For more advanced and tailored solutions, the recorder can also be integrated with Axis Camera Station.

Video Analytics

Video motion detection software is included in Axis cameras and made available via the Axis Companion App for configuration, and camera-based detection of activity can trigger preset alarms so the event can be recorded and forwarded to the mobile app for further investigation. Cameras with greater functionality can take advantage of more advanced software such as Axis Object Analytics or Axis VMD 4 to further enhance automated monitoring and security.


The S3016 is a rack-mountable recorder which can be installed in server racks with a post-to-post distance of 376mm (14.8in) - 499mm (19.6in). Installation in deeper server racks is possible via rail extensions (not included, accessories below). The included wizard makes setup straightforward, walking the user through each step for easy installation.

Key features & benefits

  • Effective recording solution for small to medium-sized applications
  • 1U rack mountable
  • 16-port PoE switch suitable for connecting all Axis cameras and encoders, up to PoE class 4
  • The integrated PoE switch means extra network switches are not necessary, simplifying installation
  • 4 x surveillance-grade hard disks, sized at 8TB, 16TB or 32TB
  • Hardware RAID increases resilience against data loss
  • USB port allows simple video exporting
  • All camera resolutions and frame rates are supported which provides flexibility for retention times
  • One-way audio recording is possible depending on the camera
  • Recorder & hard drive warranty: 5 years

Typical Applications

Designed for single-site and multi-site systems, the 16 camera and device ports are suitable for medium sized applications, such as gyms, restaurants and express supermarkets.



  • Installation guide
  • Rack rails
  • Front cover
  • Rubber feet
  • Power cord
  • Screws


  • Axis TS3901 Rail Extensions for deep server rack mounting
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Key technical features of the Axis S3016 Recorder / NVR


Form factor: Rack 1U
Number of cameras: 16
O/S and video management software: AXIS OS, Axis Companion, Axis Camera Station
Storage: Hot swappable Surveillance Class HDD
Total HDD slots: 4
Free HDD slots: 0
8 TB
Out-of-the-box storage: 6 TB after RAID 5
Out-of-the-box capacity without RAID: 8 TB (4x2 TB)
16 TB
Out-of-the-box storage: 12 TB after RAID 5
Out-of-the-box capacity without RAID: 16 TB (4x4 TB)
32 TB
Out-of-the-box storage: 24 TB after RAID 5
Out-of-the-box capacity without RAID: 32 TB (4x8 TB)
RAID Factory RAID level: 5
Supported RAID levels: 0, 1, 5, 6, 10
Maximum power consumption: (Excluding power consumption from connected devices)
Typical power consumption
8 TB: 31 W
16 TB: 34 W
32 TB: 44 W
Maximum power consumption
8 TB: 37 W
16 TB: 41 W
32 TB: 49 W
Power input: Max 650 W, 305 W PoE dedicated 100–240 V AC, 50–60 Hz
Environment: indoor
Included accessories: Recorder, rack rails, front cover, rubber feet, installation guide, power cord, screws
Multiple video export formats: H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10/AVC), H.265 (MPEG-H Part 2/HEVC) Depending on camera support
3rd-party application support: Milestone XProtect, Morphean Cloud CCTV
Compression: H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10/AVC), H.265 (MPEG-H Part 2/HEVC) Depending on camera support
PTZ support: digital PTZ included in Axis Companion
Hardware warranty: 5-year warranty on recorder and hard drive
Dimensions: 484 x 402 x 44.1 mm (19.1 x 15.8 x 1.7 in)
Minimum rail depth: 398 mm (15.7 in)
Product installation depth: 377 mm (14.8 in)
Rail adjustability ranged: 376–499 mm (14.8–19.6 in)
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