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Axis Companion application for mobiles and PC (free)

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This free app supports up to 16 Axis IP cameras and is ideal for small businesses that require a straightforward video monitoring solution. With no need for network or router configuration, system setup has never been easier.

  • Free, easy-to-use application
  • Features a step-by-step setup wizard
  • Configurable video motion detection alarms
  • Available as PC client or mobile app
  • Support for 16 Axis IP cameras per site
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Overview of the Axis Companion application for mobiles and PC

Note: this product is for information only. The Axis Companion application can be freely downloaded from Axis Communications or mobile app store.

The Axis Companion application is free, easy to use and makes CCTV simple. With no need for network or router configuration, it’s never been easier to get your CCTV system up and running – all from your mobile device, no PC needed. Supporting up to 16 Axis IP cameras, the application supports a range of video surveillance features, multi-user management and the export of recordings. It’s ideal for small businesses and home users that require straightforward video surveillance with easy access from mobile devices.

The user can record footage from their Axis IP cameras directly to each camera's on-board SD card, without the need for central recording hardware. This is a very cost-effective set-up for a home user or small business. Alternatively, the system can be configured for multiple cameras recording onto a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device, ideal for businesses that require large amounts of data to be stored for longer periods.

Users can purchase an SD card with each Axis IP camera that we offer, supplying you with everything you need to start monitoring and recording effectively.

The application includes a range of features to help enhance security monitoring. Multi-user management allows users to customise levels of access to camera sites for different user groups; Operator, Viewer or Administrator. Camera-based video motion detection alarms can be configured to trigger recordings which can be viewed via a timeline and then quickly exported in either JPEG or video format. Additionally, the user can take a handy snapshot with the click of a button in live or playback viewing modes – ideal for quickly gathering evidence.

Thanks to Axis’ Secure Remote Access technology, live or recorded video footage can be easily accessed from a mobile device or laptop, without the need for network or router configurations. Additionally, Axis’ Remote System Management enables users to perform firmware upgrades and restart connected devices remotely – allowing a more proactive approach to video surveillance.

An easy-to-use setup wizard allows for the quick addition and configuration of cameras – supporting up to 16 network cameras at any one site. Axis really have put a lot of effort into making it easy to create a simple CCTV system and plenty of instructional videos are available to help users along the way. Network Webcams customers can also use our free helpdesk to obtain assistance from our team of experienced technical support staff.

Please note: The PC client has more features than the mobile application and is suitable for users that would like to configure settings in more detail.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Support for up to 16 Axis IP cameras per site – ideal for small-sized organisations
  • Compatible with a wide range of Axis IP devices with firmware 8.40 and higher
  • Free to download as an iOS or Android mobile application and also available as PC software
  • Camera sites can be easily created with the simple step-by-step setup wizard
  • Efficient system administration of user-profiles and access levels with multi-user management
  • Share camera sites between multiple users by configuring different access levels; Operator, Viewer and Administrator
  • Quick system configuration and intuitive operation makes this software easy for anyone to use
  • Supports all camera resolutions and frame rates for smooth, detail-packed footage
  • Camera-based audio can be listened to in live view and recording playback – helpful when investigating events
  • Split-view support allows up to 16 camera channels to be monitored simultaneously in real-time
  • PTZ cameras can be controlled remotely in live view for enhanced scene awareness
  • Search filters allow the quick retrieval of recordings based on date and time parameters
  • Recordings can be stored to either the SD card on-board an IP camera, a dedicated NAS device or the Axis Companion Recorder – allowing flexible management of recordings
  • The user has the choice to export recordings as single JPEG images or as video sequences (ASF or MP4 format)
  • Camera-based video motion detection alarms can be used to trigger recordings
  • Schedule individual camera’s motion detection alarms to provide instant alert notifications
  • Recordings can be scheduled continuously or customised to specific time frames, such as weekend or night time recording
  • Remote system management offers full control and access to the system anywhere, anytime

Please note: Not all features are included in the Axis Companion mobile application. See the table below for feature availability.

Availability of features in mobile app and PC client

  Axis Companion Mobile app Axis Companion PC Client
Create site name
Add cameras from LAN
Configure for motion detection recording on SD card
Configure for motion detection recording on NAS
Live view
Export recordings
High quality / low quality selection
Camera naming
Edit recording settings
Configure storage NAS / SD card
Image rotation
Set time and date
Upgrade firmware
Restart cameras
Remove cameras from site
Edit motion detection area
Rename site name
Enable operator / viewer access
Export site to file
Save configuration sheet
Remote access enabled
Edit remote access
Customise options
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