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Axis Camera Station video recording software - 20 channel upgrade

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This version of Axis Camera Station is discontinued and has been replaced by Axis Camera Station 5

Overview of Axis Camera Station - 20 channel upgrade

This product contains a 20-channel upgrade license allowing up to twenty additional Axis IP cameras or network video devices to be connected to an existing Axis Camera Station installation.

Axis Camera Station is a comprehensive video monitoring, recording and playback application designed to work with up to 100 Axis network video products to provide a robust security monitoring and surveillance platform. New features for include support for H.264 video with continued support for MJPEG and MPEG-4 video, dual monitor support for live monitoring of 100 Axis video products simultaneously (25 to each monitor), simple event setup using the Event Configuration Wizard, storage of recordings to network attached storage as well as local drives, support for cameras using digital pan-tilt-zoom operation.

Recordings can be triggered using motion detection (with an option to use the camera's motion detection routines to save server load and bandwidth), external sensor input, manually or based on a schedule. Playback of archived recordings can be viewed from up to 4 cameras simultaneously and fully searched by date/time, camera or using the new timeline visualisation tool which shows a graphical representation of recorded events. Axis Camera Station offers a complete live video monitoring and recording application for up to 100 simultaneous Axis video devices in an easy to use application suitable for any size of business or organization.

Please note: This license is not a stand-alone product and will only operate if you have previously purchased a 4 or 10 channel Axis Camera Station base pack.

Key benefits:

  • Adds twenty additional licenses to your Axis Camera Station security application allowing for expansion of an existing IP surveillance and monitoring system
  • Efficient, reliable and cost effective solution for live video monitoring are surveillance
  • Easy to use with intuitive handling and navigation providing quick access to tools, features, cameras and recordings

Typical applications:

  • Axis Camera Station provides an ideal solution for any size business or organization from up to 1 to 100 cameras. Suitable for stores, shopping malls, colleges, parking lots, train stations, airports or any other commercial business or public place

Key features:

  • View up to 25 cameras simultaneously (50 when using twin monitors)
  • Client software based remote access - approx. 5 simultaneous clients
  • Powerful playback functionality
  • Recordings limited by hard disk space only
  • Flexible screen layout
  • Sitemap function makes it possible to render a full overview of the monitored area as well as giving quick access to cameras
  • Full system, event and audit logging facility
  • Support for H.264 video as well as continued support for MPEG-4 and MJPEG video modes
  • 1-way synchronous audio recording for supported Axis video products
  • Automatic camera detection and discovery tools for straight-forward setup
  • Event configuration wizard simplifies the set up of alarm events
  • On-camera motion detection setting allows the data to only be transferred across the network, saving bandwidth
  • Recordings can be triggered by motion detection, external sensor inputs from a supported camera or manual trigger. They can also be set to record continuously at a specified frame-rate
  • Notification of alarm events by visual indication, audible alert, email or event log
  • Scheduling by camera allows recording to be planned on a day/time basis
  • Input and output control using supported Axis cameras external sensor input and outputs allowing control over alarm input devices such as PIR sensors or external devices such as alarms or lights
  • Prioritised recordings can be locked so they will remain for playback indefinitely. No further recording will overwrite a recording which has been locked
  • Bookmarked recordings provide easy access to videos of interest
  • Aknowledgement of alarms and alarm procedures make alarm management more efficient
  • Digital signing of exported video provides secure evidence
  • Support for cameras with pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) operation as well as camera which support digital pan-tilt-zoom such as the Axis 212 (V)
  • Synchronous playback of up to 4 cameras simultaneously. Watch a period of events play back using 4 cameras at once
  • Search through recordings by time/date, camera or smart search facility or use the new timeline visualisation tool which provides a graphical representation of alarm events
  • Full export of data including export as a series of JPEG images or in .ASF video format for future playback using Windows Media Player

Key technical indicators:

  • Compatible with Axis video products running firmware version: 4.3 or later (excluding the Axis 206r1, Axis 206W)
  • Video compression: MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264
  • Resolution support: supports all connected Axis video product resolutions
  • Total recording frame-rate: 1500fps or more using recommended hardware
  • Audio compression: AAC, G.711, G.726
  • Security comprises of multiple level user password protection using local or Windows domain users (Active directory)
  • Minimum system requirements: Windows Vista Business, XP Professional (SP2), 2003 Server (SP2), DirectX 9.0c or later, Windows Media Player 11 or later, Microsoft .NET runtime environment (included in installation package)
  • Minimum client requirements: CPU: Intel P4 or higher, 2GHz (Intel Core 2 Quad recommended for larger systems), RAM: 1GB (4GB recommended for larger systems), Display: XGA 1024x768, Graphic card with DirectX 9.0c or later and Real video memory of 256MB or more (Important! use latest graphic card driver)
  • Minimum server requirements: CPU: Intel P4 or higher, 2Ghz (Intel Xeon recommended for larger systems), RAM: 1GB (4GB recommended for larger systems). Storage: At 30fps in VGA: up to 15 cameras per hard disk
  • Network: Recommended 100Mbit network (Gigabit network recommended for larger systems)
  • Language support: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish available


  • This package is a 20 channel upgrade license for Axis Camera Station providing connection for up to twenty Axis video products. Additional upgrade licenses can be added to the base license allowing the system to be expanded up to a maximum of 100 Axis video products
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