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Axis Barcode Reader for use with selected Axis IP devices

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Reducing the need for physical access cards, this edge-based application allows businesses to distribute temporary QR codes to visitors, creating a cost-effective access control solution.

  • Edge-based barcode reader to provide temporary access
  • For use with Axis cameras, intercoms and door controllers
  • Works with Axis Camera Station Secure Entry
  • Single and multi-door support
  • One licence required per installation
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Overview of Axis Barcode Reader

  • Use QR codes to grant card-free access
  • Affordable solution to access control
  • Installs directly onto a compatible camera, door station or intercom
  • Entirely IP-based - no physical wiring required
  • Single and multi-door support

Offering an affordable, edge-based alternative to physical access cards and fobs, the Axis Barcode reader allows axis cameras, intercoms, or door stations to scan QR codes, granting instant access to authorised personnel. Emphasising cost-efficiency and low environmental impact, this application removes the need for temporary access cards or physical tickets by generating and scanning digital access codes. Furthermore, the application integrates with Axis Camera Station Secure Entry or can be connected to an existing third-party access control system.

Application & Functionality

Reducing the use of plastic access cards and the waste generated by disposing of temporary tickets, Axis Barcode Reader takes advantage of QR technology to provide the ideal access control solution for environmentally conscious businesses with many visitors. Fast and reliable, valid QR codes are scanned by Axis devices equipped with this application, and individuals are granted immediate access. With single and multi-door support, one code can grant access to several doors in a building. Moreover, this software is easily scalable as QR codes are easily generated, and all barcode-enabled devices can be managed via ACS Secure Entry.


Installed directly onto a compatible device, this application is entirely IP-based and requires no physical wiring or additional accessories, making installation simple and cost-effective. QR codes with a specified validity period can be generated via ACS secure entry and emailed to users ahead of their arrival.

Please note: mobile QR codes must be in 1080p resolution or, if printed, should be clear and undistorted.

Key features & benefits

  • Affordable alternative to physical access cards and tickets for temporary access control
  • Installed onboard compatible Axis cameras, intercoms and door stations - no physical wiring required
  • Integrates into ACS secure entry or compatible with third-party access control systems
  • Single and multi-door support
  • Email generated QR codes to users from ACS secure entry

Compatible products

    • Axis I8016-LVE
    • Axis A8207-VE Mk II
    • Axis A8105-E
    • Axis M3115-LVE
    • Axis M3116-LVE
    • Axis FA51 main unit
    • Axis FA54 main unit

Typical applications

Affordable and energy-saving, this edge-based application provides a digital alternative to physical ticketed access control, reducing waste and saving time. Ideal for areas with a high frequency of visitors that require authorised access, including stadiums, museums and office buildings.

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