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Axis Audio Manager Pro audio management software for use with Axis audio systems

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Providing advanced remote management of all audio devices in a system, Axis Audio Manager Pro supports up to 5000 devices across 100 zones, ideal for large CCTV installations that require sophisticated audio configuration.

  • Advanced management for Axis audio devices
  • Supports up to 5000 devices in up to 100 zones
  • Advanced scheduling functions
  • Centralised control for all audio devices in a system
  • Available on existing hardware or a virtual machine
  • Real-time configuration with no downtime
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Overview of Axis Audio Manager Pro

  • Centralised management of Axis audio devices
  • Supports up to 5000 devices
  • Set up to 100 zones
  • Schedule and broadcast music and messages
  • Built-in device status monitoring

Ideal for large CCTV installations requiring centralised audio management, Axis Audio Manager Pro provides a more advanced audio management solution that builds upon the functionality of Audio Manager Edge (included with Axis audio hardware). With support for up to 5000 audio devices in 100 different zones, this software provides setup, zone management, audio content management and audio scheduling for every audio device in your system. Furthermore, the software features real-time configuration, so no downtime is required.

Application & Functionality

This innovative application provides users with a comprehensive audio management system, featuring management of up to 100 zones, operators can control all audio devices across their system from one centralised location. Audio scheduling is also made easy through this interface, enabling audio content or messages to be triggered at certain times or by a specified event – enhancing operational efficiency and improving the deterrence of undesirable behaviour. To improve the ambience of the surveillance area, background music can be set to play in selected zones. Additionally, this software also enables operators to monitor device status and identify any errors or power failures immediately.


Available for installation on dedicated hardware or via virtual machines, this unit is compatible with Windows 10 OS and a variety of virtual machines including VMWare ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Microsoft Windows Datacenter. Furthermore, this software is easy to download and install with a single E-licence supporting an installation of up to 5000 devices with free software updates available regularly.

Axis Audio Manager Edge vs Axis Audio Manager Pro

All Axis speakers come with Axis Audio Manager Edge as standard, however, Axis Audio Manager Edge is best suited for larger installations. Please see the below table to determine which version of Axis Audio Manager is right for your system:

  Axis Audio Manager Edge Axis Audio Manager Pro
Zones 20 100
Scheduling Weekly Advanced
Priority levels Unlimited 10
Speakers (local site) 200 5000

  Key features & benefits

  • Providing centralised audio management for larger surveillance sites
  • Supports up to 5000 devices in 100 zones
  • Features real-time configuration with no downtime required
  • Remote audio content management and scheduling capabilities
  • Remotely set background music for multiple sites – ideal for retail applications
  • Online status monitoring allows operators to identify and fix any errors efficiently
  • Available for dedicated hardware or virtual machines with Windows 10, VMWare ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V and Microsoft Windows Datacenter compatibility

Compatible products (please select from the accessories tab)

  • Axis C1410 network mini speaker
  • Axis C2005 network ceiling speaker
  • Axis C1310-E outdoor network horn speaker
  • Axis C1004-E network cabinet speaker
  • Axis 2N SIP Mic IP-based microphone

Typical applications

Delivering advanced audio management from a centralised location, this software application is ideal for larger sites such as shopping centres, amusement parks or zoos.

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