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Axis Camera Station video recording software - 10 channel base pack (expandable up to 100 channels)

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This version of Axis Camera Station is discontinued and has been replaced by Axis Camera Station 5

Overview of the Axis Camera Station - 10 channel base pack

If you are looking for a robust and reliable monitoring and recording solution for your Axis IP cameras then Axis Camera Station should be your first choice. Axis Camera Station will record up to 100 cameras from one server with a combined frame rate of up to 1500fps. If you are away from your server you can also log in to the server remotely across the Internet using the Axis Camera Station Client to view current events, review previous recordings and perform basic administrative tasks.

Axis Camera Station has been recently updated to take advantage of the newest compression standards. In addition to supporting MPEG and Motion JPEG, Axis Camera Station now also supports H.264. This latest standard helps to reduce the bandwidth impact of multiple camera streams across your network while still allowing you to maintain an excellent frame rate and image quality. In addition to this Axis Camera Station also supports AAC, G.711 and G.726 audio compression so that should your camera support audio you can combine it efficiently with your video footage.

Axis have worked hard on the playback side of Axis Camera Station to make it as easy to use as possible while at the same time keeping all of the powerful search and export functionality you would expect at this professional level. A new addition is the ability to view recordings based on a timeline to allow you to see what is happening on a selection of cameras at the same time. This is convenient should you need to track someone moving from one camera to the next. You can also store recordings you make onto either local hard drives or remote network attached storage device providing you with almost unlimited recording capacity.

Key benefits:

  • Efficiently view, record and manage up to 100 IP cameras from a single interface
  • Access your Axis Camera Station and your IP cameras from anywhere in the world
  • Recording can be based on motion inside the camera so only required data needs to be transferred over the network, saving bandwidth

Key features:

  • View up to 25 cameras simultaneously (100 when using twin monitors).
  • Client software based remote access - approx. 5 simultaneous clients
  • Powerful playback functionality
  • Recordings limited by hard disk space only
  • Flexible screen layout
  • Sitemap function makes it possible to render a full overview of the monitored area as well as giving quick access to cameras
  • Full system, event and audit logging facility
  • Support for H.264 video as well as continued support for MPEG-4 and MJPEG video modes
  • 1-way synchronous audio recording for supported Axis video products
  • Automatic camera detection and discovery tools for straight-forward setup
  • Event configuration wizard simplifies the set up of alarm events
  • On-camera motion detection setting allows the data to only be transferred across the network, saving bandwidth
  • Recordings can be triggered by motion detection, external sensor inputs from a supported camera or manual trigger. They can also be set to record continuously at a specified frame-rate
  • Notification of alarm events by visual indication, audible alert, email or event log
  • Scheduling by camera allows recording to be planned on a day/time basis
  • Input and output control using supported Axis cameras external sensor input and outputs allowing control over alarm input devices such as PIR sensors or external devices such a alarms or lights
  • Prioritised recordings can be locked so they will remain for playback indefinitely. No further recording will overwrite a recording which has been locked
  • Bookmarked recordings provide easy access to videos of interest
  • Aknowledgement of alarms and alarm procedures make alarm management more efficient
  • Digital signing of exported video provides secure evidence
  • Support for cameras with pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) operation as well as camera which support digital pan-tilt-zoom such as the Axis 212 (V)
  • Synchronous playback of up to 4 cameras simultaneously. Watch a period of events play back using 4 cameras at once
  • Search through recordings by time/date, camera or smart search facility or use the new timeline visualisation tool which provides a graphical representation of alarm events
  • Full export of data including export as a series of JPEG images or in .ASF video format for future playback using Windows Media Player

Typical applications:

  • For use in SMEs, retail, hotels, schools, car parks and other public places and buildings

Key technical indicators:

  • Video compression: MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264
  • Resolution support: supports all connected Axis video product resolutions
  • Total recording frame-rate: 1500fps or more using recommended hardware
  • Audio compression: AAC, G.711, G.726
  • Security comprises of multiple level user password protection using local or Windows domain users (Active directory)
  • Minimum system requirements: Windows Vista Business, XP Professional (SP2), 2003 Server (SP2), DirectX 9.0c or later, Windows Media Player 11 or later, Microsoft .NET runtime environment (included in installation package)
  • Minimum client requirements: CPU: Intel P4 or higher, 2GHz (Intel Core 2 Quad recommended for larger systems), RAM: 1GB (4GB recommended for larger systems), Display: XGA 1024x768, Graphic card with DirectX 9.0c or later and Real video memory of 256MB or more (Important! use latest graphic card driver)
  • Minimum server requirements: CPU: Intel P4 or higher, 2Ghz (Intel Xeon recommended for larger systems), RAM: 1GB (4GB recommended for larger systems). Storage: At 30fps in VGA: up to 15 cameras per hard disk
  • Network: Recommended 100Mbit network (Gigabit network recommended for larger systems)


  • This package is a 10 channel base license to Axis Camera Station providing connection for up to 10 Axis video products. Additional upgrade licenses can be added to the base license allowing the system to be expanded up to a maximum of 100 Axis video products
  • To be used on one single dedicated PC/server only, additional licenses can be bought in +1, +5 or +20 channels up to a maximum of 100 video channels. A support license is freely included with the 4 and 10 channel base licenses, providing ongoing support and upgrades for the course of a system's life
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