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Veracity Outreach Max VOR-ORM Ethernet LAN / PoE extender

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A simple solution to extend a standard PoE cable run beyond 100m.

  • Ethernet cable run extended up to 200m
  • Status LEDs for quick diagnosis
  • Supports Power Promise technology
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The Veracity Outreach Max VOR-ORM is a simple device which can extend Ethernet cable installations beyond the 100m limitation. It is used to join two Ethernet cables, each of up to 100m in length, and acts as a repeater to forward both LAN activity and power to a PoE-enabled device at a 200m distance.

Daisy-chaining multiple devices allows you to extend the range and power even further up to 1000/700m respectively in length. This allows greater flexibility when designing your network and gives the option of centrally managing your power from one location with uninterruptible power supplies and greater maintenance control.

Easy to install the Veracity Outreach Max VOR-ORM requires no network setup as it does not use a MAC or IP address and is undetectable to other network devices. The device also requires no power at the point of installation, drawing its power from the network cable using Power over Ethernet. Veracity’s Power Promise technology ensures that the power is managed through the cable (or cables) and that no PoE device will become overloaded or be underpowered.

Veracity Outreach Max VOR-ORM - Key benefits:

  • Used to extend LAN cable distances up to 200m per device, 1000m with daisy chained devices
  • Can be used to extend power to PoE-enabled devices at up to 700m (max. length dependent on the power requirement of the PoE device)
  • Centrally manage your power requirements from one location by running Power over Ethernet to all devices at the edge of your network

Veracity Outreach Max VOR-ORM - Key features:

  • Can extend the range of an Ethernet cable run beyond the 100m Ethernet limitation
  • Power over Ethernet can be extended to PoE enabled devices
  • Simple to use, no setup required, just plug and play
  • No power required at the device. The VOR-OR achieves power from the network cable using a compatible Power over Ethernet midspan, IEEE802.3af compliant
  • Power Promise technology ensures that power is regulated across the length of the cable(s). This ensures that there are no power overloads or that PoE devices are never underpowered
  • Status LEDs help for quick diagnosis of on-site issues by helping you quickly isolate the problem area

Veracity Outreach Max VOR-ORM - Typical applications:

  • Used for joining Ethernet cables to extend the range of LAN cable-runs up to 1000m. Power can also be extended up to 700m to power PoE-enabled devices at the edge of your network. This device allows power to be centrally managed reducing maintenance costs as devices can be reliably powered using an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and remotely power-cycled if they need to be rebooted

Veracity Outreach Max VOR-ORM - Key technical indicators:

  • Cable: Ethernet 100Base-TX full duplex only with auto-negotiation, straight through or crossover type (auto detected)
  • Maximum power: 2.2W (1W typical)
  • PoE input: IEEE802.3af Class 0 (max. 12.95W)
  • PoE output: IEEE802.3af Class 1 or 2 (max. 6.49W), Class 3 (max. 12.95W using Outsource PoE Injector)
  • Maximum range: 700m PoE Class 1 / 1000m no PoE (using Veracity Outsource). Actual range dependent on power requirements of PoE device
  • Operating temperatures: -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)
  • Dimensions: (HxWxD) 20 x 37 x 70mm (100mm deep with tabs)
  • Weight: 85g (3 oz.)
  • Warranty: 5 years

Veracity Outreach Max VOR-ORM - Connections:

  • Ethernet connector: RJ-45 x2

Veracity Outreach Max VOR-ORM - Additional items you may want to order with this product:

  • Veracity Outsource VOR-OS PoE midspan 1-port
  • Veracity Outbreak VOR-OB PoE splitter
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