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Vaxtor VaxOCR Train UIC code reader application

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Reliable, real-time UIC recognition available both on compatible Axis cameras or as a PC client. This app can work alongside Vaxtor's ADR and OCR container applications for comprehensive monitoring of railway stock.

  • Identify Union of Railways (UIC) wagon and coach numbers
  • For use with Axis cameras
  • Available on-camera or as a PC client
  • Reads, stores and transmits UIC numbers to VMS
  • Identifies time, date, position and directional data
  • One licence required per camera
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Overview of Vaxtor VaxOCR Train

  • Reads, stores and transmits up to 100,000 UIC numbers
  • Multiple regions of interest can be set
  • Suitable for automatic tracking of rolling stock
  • Data can be transferred to Milestone XProtect VMS
  • One licence is required per connected camera

Designed to accurately read, store and transmit Union of Railways (UIC) numbers, found predominantly on railway coaches and wagons, this VaxOCR application works with Axis IP cameras to offer automated real-time tracking of rolling stock. Using UIC numbers to identify railway wagons and coaches, operators are able to easily track assets or improve health and safety measures with a greater level of monitoring. Available both on-camera or on a PC-based system – running either Windows or Linux OS – this application instantly reads UIC numbers as they pass a designated capture point, requiring no manual input once integrated.

Application & Functionality

Data gathered from this application can be easily transferred to video management software such as Milestone XProtect, Helix Back Office or Axis Camera Station for storage or further analysis. Additional information such as time, date, position of code, direction of travel and images of the detected wagon/coach, can also be recorded when a UIC is read, providing a detailed report of all locomotives that pass the capture zone. Up to 100,000 codes can be cached onboard the connected camera, allowing for comprehensive tracking of large fleets, without the need to constantly offload the camera.

Please note: In low-light conditions, an artificial white light is required to read non-reflective codes.


The application can be easily installed onto any compatible Axis camera (featuring ARTPEC-6 chipset or newer) or onto a PC running up-to-date Windows or Linux operating systems. Multiple regions of interest can be configured to ensure that all relevant wagon and coach numbers are captured. Furthermore, multiple cameras can be integrated via the PC client, with each camera requiring its own licence.

Please Note: Users must purchase a licence for either onboard or PC integration, if you require both, an extra licence is required per camera.

The number of cameras that can be integrated into the PC application is dependent on device specifications and expected traffic.

Key features & benefits

  • Automatically detects, stores and transmits UIC numbers from railway wagons and coaches
  • Available embedded directly onto an Axis IP camera or supports multiple cameras via a PC client
  • Information can be sent to Milestone XProtect, Helix Back Office and Axis Camera Station
  • Captures additional information including date, time, the position of code, the direction of travel and images
  • Up to 100,000 codes can be cached on a connected camera
  • Multiple regions of interest can be set to capture a comprehensive picture of rolling stock
  • One licence is required per connected camera

Contact us if you require help to decide which setup is best for your requirements.

Typical applications

This innovative UIC detection application provides a detailed catalogue of railway wagons and coaches without the need for manual data input. Typical applications include asset tracking, logistics and health and safety management.

Compatible integration platforms



  • One VaxOCR Train on-camera licence for use with one Axis IP camera
  • One year Vaxtor software maintenance


  • Remote set-up and configuration service after camera installation to ensure optimum performance
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