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Vaxtor VaxOCR Genesis multifunctional OCR application

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Providing reliable character recognition on-camera or via a PC client, this application can be used to efficiently read and process serial codes, ID cards or shipping labels - ideal for retail or logistics businesses alike.

  • Highly accurate optical character recognition
  • For use with Axis cameras
  • Available on the edge or via a PC client
  • Capture any combination of letters and numbers
  • Identifies characters regardless of font style
  • One licence required per camera
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Overview of Vaxtor VaxOCR Genesis

  • Software runs on an Axis camera or PC
  • Recognises any arrangement of upper-case characters and numbers in up to three lines
  • Compatible with selected Axis cameras
  • One licence is required per camera
  • Can be used in both retail and logistics applications
  • Results can be sent to third-party VMS software such as Axis Camera Station or Milestone XProtect

This multifunctional OCR software allows users to reliably identify and analyse any upper-case character and number combination arranged in up to three lines – providing numerous possible applications, including identifying product codes in shops, verifying banknotes or scanning receipts. Compatible with selected Axis cameras, this application is ideal for a range of use cases including the reading of bar codes, ID and serial numbers – increasing efficiency in the scanning and processing of such codes.

Application & Functionality

Ideal for use in a variety of applications that require reliable character recognition, VaxOCR Genesis can be integrated onboard compatible cameras or can be run through a PC application on Windows or Linux operating systems, where multiple cameras can be operated simultaneously. Users with an Axis camera can configure on-camera trigger notifications based on codes on a predetermined black/white list, allowing more nuanced scene awareness and efficient handling of OCR results.

This software uses VaxOCR technology to accurately process characters from still images as well as live and recorded footage, regardless of font shape or image quality – ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications in which codes are required to be read and analysed quickly and accurately. Furthermore, results gathered can be sent in real-time to third-party VMS products such as Axis Camera Station or Milestone XProtect via TCP/IP, HTTP-POST-XML and HTTP-POST-JSON to create a streamlined surveillance solution.

Please note: In low-light conditions, an artificial white light is required to read non-reflective codes.


Straightforward and user-programmable, this application offers reliable detection with reduced configuration needs. Users are able to set up basic OCR parameters and grammar rules after selecting their video source and the application is ready to go. Each integrated camera requires a licence to be set up on the system and users can choose to install the application straight onto the camera or via the PC client.

Please Note: Users must purchase a licence for either on-board or PC integration, if you require both, an extra licence is required per camera.

The number of cameras that can be integrated into the PC application is dependent on device specifications and expected traffic.

Key features & benefits

  • Compatible with selected Axis camera models
  • Recognises and processes any combination of upper-case letters and numbers on up to three lines, regardless of font and image quality
  • Available onboard cameras or as a PC application on Windows or Linux operating systems
  • Number of cameras dependent on application and PC specs – one licence per camera required
  • Identifies characters on still images as well as live and recorded video
  • Results can be sent to third-party video management software via TCP/IP, HTTP-POST-XML and HTTP-POST-JSON

Contact us if you require help to decide which setup is best for your requirements.

Typical applications

Providing straightforward, yet highly reliable optical character recognition, VaxOCR Genesis facilitates the identification and analysis of character and number combinations from multiple video sources simultaneously – ideal for the scanning of industrial codes in warehouses, retail till receipts and ID numbers.

Compatible integration platforms



  • One VaxOCR on-camera licence for use with one Axis IP camera
  • One year Vaxtor software maintenance


  • Remote set-up and configuration service after camera installation to ensure optimum performance
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