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Vaxtor VaxALPR Red Light add-on application for use with Axis cameras

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  • Add-on application for Vaxtor VaxALPR
  • Highly accurate red-light detection
  • Multi-camera support
  • For use with Axis cameras
  • One licence required per camera
  • Compatible with Axis Camera Station and XProtect VMS
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Overview of Vaxtor VaxALPR Red Light add-on application

  • Highly accurate red light enforcement
  • Image-based detection - no connection to traffic lights required
  • Multi-lane support
  • Collects licence plate details of violating vehicles
  • Multi-camera support - up to four cameras per licence
  • Data can be sent to Milestone XProtect and Axis Camera Station

This application works with Vaxtor ALPR to detect and record red-light violations. The application must be installed on a PC linked to a different camera than that with VaxALPR, as both cameras are required to capture licence plates of vehicles that drive through a red-light signal, using sequenced images and automatic licence plate recognition to accurately report the violation and collate evidence. As the application uses imaging technology to detect violations no physical connection between the application and the light is needed.

Ideally situated to capture the rear plate of the vehicle (in order to capture both the plate and the light), the application can be set up on an Axis IP camera, with integration available for Milestone XProtect and Axis camera station to store, manage and report data. Each VaxALPR Red Light licence covers one red-light camera, however, up to four cameras are supported per signal. Furthermore, the application supports multi-lane coverage, reducing the number of red-light cameras required for larger roads.

Key features & benefits

  • Combines licence plate recognition with red-light detection to provide accurate and detailed data on vehicles that drive through a red-light signal
  • Add-on application that works in conjunction with VaxALPR to deliver reliable red-light detection
  • Opto-isolated design requires no physical connection between the light and the camera
  • Compatible with Axis IP cameras
  • Manage, view and store data via Milestone XProtect and Axis Camera Station
  • One licence is required per red-light camera
  • Support for multiple ALPR cameras on one red-light signal
  • Multiple lanes can be covered by a single camera

Compatible integration platforms

Typical applications

Combining licence plate recognition and red-light detection to create an uncomplicated and highly accurate solution to red light violation reporting, this application is ideal for use on roundabouts, crossroads and pedestrian crossings.

Please note: This is an add-on application for VaxALPR and an ALPR licence is required for each connected camera. Please select from the accessories tab if required.

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