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Synology Surveillance Station video management software - 8 device licence pack

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  • Supports Smart Search video functionality
  • Pack of eight device licences
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This product is discontinued, an alternative model is the Milestone XProtect Express+

Overview of the Synology Surveillance Station 8 device licence pack

This product includes 8 Synology Surveillance Station device licences.

Surveillance Station is a flexible monitoring, recording and playback application that can be run on all Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. The user-friendly system features a wide range of camera management functions alongside an intuitive interface - providing a reliable IP video surveillance solution. Compatible with major browsers, mobile devices and over 4000 IP camera models, this software offers a number of deployment options for both new and existing security systems.

Installation is made simple with the help of Synology’s setup wizard which uses easy to follow steps for system configuration and the addition of IP devices. Additionally, when assigning multiple devices to a large system, users can utilise the helpful time saving batch camera installation and group management features.

Recordings can run continuously or be scheduled to meet the user’s requirements and then stored securely on the NAS device. The software supports playback of up to 64 cameras simultaneously, allowing multiple recordings to be reviewed at the same time.

Synology NAS devices include 2 free Surveillance Station IP camera licences when purchased. Each new device added to the system will require an additional, single licence. However, specific cameras and video servers with multiple channels may require a different number of licences. See the table below for a list of example IP devices and the licences required.

Image of Synology Surveillance Station Device Licence table

Please contact us for more information or refer to Synology’s Device License Pack overview.

Surveillance Station supports the connection of I/O modules, allowing various devices to be integrated - such as LED lights and electromagnetic locks. The connection of these modules supports the implementation of access control and other security measures into a system to create a centrally managed security solution. Event triggers from these devices, in combination with video motion detection, enhance awareness of activity across the system.

A range of I/O modules are supported, including the Axis P8221 – please refer to the Surveillance Station I/O Module Support List to check the compatibility of other modules.

Additionally, the Central Management System (CMS) add-on package can be activated (free of charge) to enhance surveillance operations across multi-site systems. Suitable for use in large organisations, this add-on provides a range of controls for the centralised management of a number of locations.

Key features & benefits

  • Supports up to 90 IP cameras on a single storage unit - please refer to the Synology NVR selector for a suitable unit
  • Quick system configuration and simple integration of IP cameras with the setup wizard
  • Free DS cam application provides remote access to live video, camera control and playback of recordings – all from a mobile device
  • Wide range of IP camera models are supported and device compatibility can be checked with the Synology Surveillance Station IP camera Support List
  • Camera resolutions up to 4K are supported to provide smooth, highly detailed imaging in live view and playback
  • Supports the live view or playback of up to 64 camera channels at the same time
  • PTZ camera control enhances scene awareness across large scenes in live view
  • Further analysis of footage captured with a fixed IP camera is possible using digital pan-tilt-zoom
  • Activation of audio and digital outputs via on-screen controls provides instant delivery of alarms in live-view
  • Snapshots can be captured in live view and playback – helpful for evidence gathering
  • E-map support offers an interactive full overview of the system
  • Events or I/O alarm signals can trigger PTZ camera control – capturing important areas of the scene when activity is detected
  • Configurable video motion detection and tamper alarms help to alert operators of possible incidents
  • Recording can be scheduled manually, continuously or as a result of an alarm signal
  • Pre and post-recording captures activity around the time of a triggered alarm – helpful when gathering evidence
  • Synchronised playback of up to 64 cameras allows multiple camera views to be displayed at the same time
  • Smart Search allows recordings to be retrieved quickly with a range of search filters
  • Support for camera based local storage - on devices that include an SD card
  • Recordings can be saved onto the NAS device and backed up to a remote server, providing a scalable and secure storage solution
  • Central Management System (CMS) add-on is suitable for large organisations, providing a scalable system that's fully controlled by a single host server
  • I/O module support allows the integration of a variety of IP devices
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